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Hong Kong’s Giant Pandas at Ocean Park

Hong Kong’s giant pandas at Ocean Park will leave you Speechless
Hong Kong’S Giant Pandas At Ocean Park

Rated 4.1/5 (based on 311 reviews)

Hong Kong’s giant pandas at Ocean Park

While your trip to Hong Kong you can't afford to view the most adorable species of animals on the planet. The ocean park inhabitants the four pandas and you can actually see them in live action. All the four Hong Kong’s giant pandas at Ocean Park are available for the visitors to witness the overloaded cuteness. The giant pandas are the point of attraction at the ocean park and you also must visit there if you have never seen this endangered species. Ocean park currently home's a couple of cute Pandas, that are visitors magnet and the must-see thing in case you have never seen this endangered species. The Pandas are the native of the china where people consider them as the national treasure. The animal is very less in count across the globe and the ocean park is very fortunate to have four of them. The Hong Kong’s giant pandas at ocean park enable the visitors to witness the cute endangered species live in action.

There are only 120 available at the Zoo’s across the globe so seeing one is a gift from nature and life. You can watch the big white and black colored bears running, falling, eating and roaming around. The biggest point of attraction at the center was the Jija Panda(female) who died in 2016. The female panda died at the age of 35 due to a health issue but had a big fan following all over the world. Jija was also popular on social media platforms and made fall in love with her with cute videos. Currently, the Hong Kong giant pandas at Ocean Park have two male and two female pandas which makes it a very interesting tourist place. You can bring your kids to the place and have very nice and fun time with pandas. The center organizes shows on a particular time of the day which includes the trainer talks, meal and other activities of pandas. The show mostly starts from the morning and have different timing all day long, every show is around 1-2 hour long. Buying the ticket of the shows let you witness the panda eating their meal and playing around. As pandas are known for their jolly and sensitive behavior, you will see some very funny activities performed by them.In trainers talk, they will interact with the trainer and show you their skills.

While your trip to Hong Kong, try not to miss the Hong Kong’s giant Pandas at ocean park. The experience is amazing as the Pandas are a unique animal, hey somehow behave like us. Interacting with them and watching an animal which is very few in number is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So plan your visit to the ocean park as soon as possible as Pandas are too lazy in winters.


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FAQ's of Hong kong

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Can you feed the Giant Pandas?

Feeding times are mentioned every day at Ocean Park. You can watch the pandas being fed.

Is the Panda enclosure closed on any specific day?

The panda enclosure is open on all days, except for any unforeseen circumstance.

Can the pandas be approached and touched?

It is not allowed to approach or touch the pandas.