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Tips of Eating Dim Sums

Try the most famous snack eaten in Hong Kong
Eat Dim Sums In Hong Kong

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Start with tea. You should be given a pot of tea as soon as you first sit down. After that pour some tea into the big bowl provided and dip your cup into it sideways and spin it.Then you need to scoop some tea with your washed cup and pour it over the chopsticks

Chopsticks are normally used but don't feel bad about asking for a fork if you need one

If you are done eating and want to ask for the bill then just raise your hand with your index finger pointing downward and twirl it in the air, or simply say "maai daan"

When being served, you just have to tap your index finger and your middle finger in front of your cup to show gratitude

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FAQ's of Hong kong

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How many sorts of dim sums are available in Hong Kong?

There are literally dozens of types of dim sums available, from different filling to different wrappers.

Are the dim sums priced high?

If you eat them at a street stall they are pretty cheap, but at high end restaurants they can turn out to be pretty expensive.

Are vegetarian dim sums available?

Yes, vegetarian dim sums are easily available.