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Essential Information Of Himachal Pradesh

A perfect travel guide crafted as per 2 Lakh+ experiences in Himachal
Tourism In Himachal Pradesh

Rated 3.9/5 (based on 3134 reviews)

Quick Information

Best time to visit:

Mar - Jun, Sep - Dec



Ideal Duration:

14-15 Days

Starting from

Rs. 5,499


0177 2625864

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Essential Information About Himachal Pradesh

List of important information as suggested by Lakhs of travelers

The ‘land of God’, as Himachal Pradesh has been nicknamed, is one of the destinations in India which everyone should visit. The vast options of activities and pastimes offered in this state will leave you spoilt for choice. Plentiful of opportunities for those who wish to explore their adventurous streak can be found in Himachal Pradesh. Some facts about Himachal Pradesh are that are unknown are that, contrary to what people may believe, the literacy levels in the state are quite high. The reason behind this is that it was the British capital in India and so the British made it a point to install a good education system there. Another fact about Himachal is that the word Himachal directly translates into snow and the state literally is places at the bottom of the great Himalayas.

Traveling in Himachal: The state is located on the hills where the terrain is extremely rocky. However, despite this, the Indian government made it a point to build effective road network so that commuting in and out of the state would be made easy and accessible. This is also a way of boosting tourism in Himachal Pradesh. You can reach the state through eight national highways and the roads are very smooth. Even within Himachal, the roads are spectacularly well connected to ensure that traveling from one tourist attraction to another is not a difficult task, because the last thing one needs when they go on a vacation is uneasy travel. There are three different airports in the state and two railway stations. Pick up from these places is very convenient - you can either book a cab or if staying at a hotel, ask them to provide some conveyance.

Food in Himachal: Enjoying egg and bacon or freshly made sunny side ups with a warm cup of coffee is the dreamy breakfast in the hills. Waking up and walking up to a cafe to devour this kind of food is something one would never mind grabbing. However, when in Himachal pradesh, ditch the usual and try out the local delicacies. A locally made bread called sidu with a cup of chai in the Himachal is what will make you feel completely at peace. Dham is a traditional dish and is a must try dish. To end you meal with a hearty dessert, you must try the mittha is the ideal choice. So, we advise you to try out everything as the state has a mouthful to offer.

Culture in Himachal: People of Himachal Pradesh are a mix of different cultures. People from varied cults and backgrounds came and settled in this state. This led to a cultural blast and hence, today there are many festivals and dance forms that the people of Himachal take pride in. The Himalayan festival is world renowned and is celebrated every year in Dharamsala, the home of the Dalai Lama. Himachal Pradesh also houses few of the most vibrant and culturally rich valleys like the Lahaul and Parvati Valleys. A fact about the Himachal Pradesh culture is that the Kullu Folk Dance (Nati) has been given a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records. Isn’t that wonderful? The sports culture in Himachal has been kept alive and cultivated by the people there. Hockey and cricket are the two sports that are very popular among the locals. The zealous inhabitants add to the rich culture in the state.


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FAQ's of Himachal

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

What is considered to be the off season for a trip to Himachal?

The off-season in Himachal starts from March and lasts till April and this is the best time to book tour packages as there are heavy discounts on offer.

Is Himachal a safe destination for women travelers?

Yes, Himachal is one of the safest destinations for women travellers as the locals are friendly and helpful. These Himachal tour pacakages are perfect for solo travelling as well.

Can one backpack with ease in Himachal?

Himachal is one of the best places to go backpacking as there are beautiful landscapes, easy travelling, budget-friendly accommodations, warm people.

How can one get acclimated to the weather of Himachal?

To get acclimated to the Himachal weather, you must firstly layer up completely and make sure that your head, ears, and neck are covered properly. You should also carry some medicines to help you deal with the cold and also overcome nausea if any. You must eat foods rich in proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats like lean meat. Also, take cold showers so that your body can get used to the cold temperature.

What are some of the major fairs and festivals of Himachal?

There are many fun fairs and festivals in Himachal that tourists will enjoy on this tour package, including: The Manali Winter Carnival- January Dechhang- January Halda- New Year Phagli- Decemeber/January Baba Barbhag Singh Mela- February Gochi -February Lossar