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Ayurvedic Treatments in Haridwar

Take the organic route to inner healing with Ayurvedic treatment in Haridwar
Ayurvedic Treatments In Haridwar

Rated 3.9/5 (based on 537 reviews)

About Ayurvedic Treatments in Haridwar

Haridwar is home to ancient methods of healing that are increasingly being welcomedfor promoting positive health, preventing diseases. The influence of supernatural powers is such that it tends to build stronger beliefs in yoga. The city has a wide range of yoga activities which include yoga classes held as camps. Before you visit, Travel triangle wants you to know enough about Ayurvedic Treatments in Haridwar, to leave no possibility for you to miss on it.

Ayurvedic Treatments

The Ayurvedic Treatments in Haridwar are being practiced at such large scale due to their demand. The treatment capacity of the city combined for different centres is enough for thousands of inpatientsand outdoor ones to be treated by qualified Ayurveda practitioners, masseuses (both males and females). Tourists from all age groups are happily being treated, doesn’t matter if you are a young child or even his grandparent you are sure to benefit by the Ayurvedic treatments at Haridwar. Tourists and locals suffering from lifelong diseases like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, acid-peptic disease or even haemorrhoids are being treated here.Even the patients who have lost hope due to autoimmune diseases, cancer and neurodegenerative disorders have been cured and treated in the best possible manner at Haridwar.

Haridwar is a sacred city and the values and generosity is apparent from the fact that patients who come to the outpatient department receive a free Ayurveda consultation. Tourists can enjoy the free of cost facility biochemistry laboratory, radiography, and ultrasound unit so that contemporary diagnostic techniques can be combined with traditional methods of diagnoses.Not just for fun or trips, the city of Haridwar heartily welcomes you to help you cure haemorrhoids, fistula, hernia, rectal prolapse, pilonidal sinus, and hydrocele.

FYI, the research conducted here includes the use of Ayurveda in dentistry (there are well-equipped dentistry unit). The emphasis is on preventing and managing dental disorders with different medicinal herbs based on the body constitution and the predominance of one or more of the three doshas. For example, in prevention, chewing fresh stems of specific plants is believed to cause attrition and leveling of biting surfaces, it facilitates salivary secretion and possibly helps in plaque control, while some stems have an antibacterial action. The stem chosen differs according to the dominant dosha present in the person.

Especially for people suffering slow healing of wounds due to diabetes, Haridwar has been a research centre for wound healing. The place has patients with delayed wound healing due to diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, and vascular disorders. Many have shown benefits when wounds are dressed with honey. Reasons for this are multiple. Honey is mildly acidic and topical acidification promotes healing, also honey produces hydrogen peroxide and its’ nutritional, hydroscopic, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties ensure that honey provides a suitable environment to promote wound healing.


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FAQ's of Haridwar

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What kind of Ayurvedic treatments are available in Haridwar?

Interested people can join Ayurveda sessions and benefit from different therapies that can last up to six months. Holistic treatments for epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, and blood pressure are available.

Where can I get Ayurvedic treatment in Haridwar?

There are multiple research centres where visitors can inquire about their therapy plans and recovery process.

Should I take any precautions during Ayurvedic treatment in Haridwar?

It is always helpful to consult your doctor or therapist about the Ayurvedic treatment you are willing to take.