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Tea Plucking in Gulmarg

A tour to a tea estate of Gulmarg should come under the “must-visit” section
Tea Plucking In Gulmarg

Rated 4.1/5 (based on 1426 reviews)

About Tea Plucking in Gulmarg

When talking about “things to do” in Gulmarg, you can indulge in tea plucking. Of course, there`s no skipping the mountainous adventure sports like skiing and snowboarding but you must also get to experience the local non-adventurous activities like tea plucking.

For those who like the slow side of life instead of the risky ones like skiing, especially love the experience of tea plucking. Many people would have already indulged in tea plucking in other hill stations of India but doing it in Gulmarg would be different because the altitude is higher and the weather is better.  

If you visit Gulmarg and not go tea plucking, your holiday will remain incomplete. The terraced tea plantations are beautiful to even take a casual stroll through them. While tea picking, you also get to sample the famous Kashmiri kahwa. Kahwa is a Kashmiri special recipe of tea that is a blend of soda and salt in sheer tea. This mix does sound weird to people from other parts of India but it does taste refreshingly intriguing to the taste buds. And what is a holiday without exploring the local cuisine right?

You can get to dress up like the local tea pluckers for photographs during the tour of the tea estates. The tea basket on your back and the bandana on your head will transform you into one of the locals momentarily.

Kashmir has two specialized tea to offer you, Kashmiri Kahwa and sheer tea. The sheer tea is salty to taste and pinkish in color while Kahwah is green in color. These special tea preparations are made with the locally grown tea leaves. Baked snack acts as accompaniments with these tea beverages.

Tea plucking in Gulmarg is popular among honeymoon couples, who like to play dress-up and get photographed. Beautiful photography can be done keep the tea garden as background. The location serves perfect as a page in the honeymoon diaries. Whether you choose for a stereotype pose or an innovative one, the poser in you will get the better of you in a tea plantation. The romantic weather and the surrounding greenery with the backdrop of mountains is just perfect to kindle the romance in you.

So, all said and done, do not skip tea plucking with your loved ones in Gulmarg. It is an activity that unwinds you and helps you relax. This activity is best enjoyed in summers when there is no snow to mess with your day-out. The guides and locals in the tea estates are very warm people and they welcome you to give you the best experience that you deserve. You are free to ask them questions about the tea plucking and processing and they will explain it to you the best they can.


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FAQ's of Gulmarg

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Where can I go tea plucking in Gulmarg?

Talk to one of the locals or the management of your hotel so that they can direct you over to a friendly tea estate where they let in visitors.

How would I know which tea leaves to pluck?

A helper from the tea estate would direct you as to what sort of leaves you should look for and pluck.

Is there a ticket for going tea plucking in Gulmarg?

Tea plucking in Gulmarg is for show only, and visitors are not allowed to pluck any more than 3 to 4 leaves, so there is no ticket required for this activity.