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Wanderlust seekers looking for a lovely place to explore and also have an adventure must certainly visit Singapore. However, a trip to Singapore is not complete without accommodating at the hotels in Singapore Downtown.
Indeed, there is a reason why Singapore stands out as one of the safest cities. It is not because of its rules or regulations, but it is because of the charming people who respect human bonds. Here, travelers will not just meet people but can find that soon they will become a family. It is not only true in the streets of the country. It is also true in the lobbies of the hotels as well. The staff and management are known to provide travel enthusiasts with a homely feel. Also, these hotels are present in the best locations. One such modern place in Singapore is the Downtown. It is the main commercial area with many hotels and bustling crowd. So, form new bonds and relationships by booking one of the hotels in Singapore Downtown.

Special Experiences

The hotels in Singapore Downtown are full of surprises. These surprises come in the form of perfect unique experiences. Since the hotels are located in the commercial area, one can go out and enjoy the day shopping at malls and famous stores. The hotels also provide tourists with a cruise ride along the Singapore River as well. Here, one can go on the hop on and hop off tours and capture pictures. The rest of the time travelers can easily visit the various structures located because of the transportation facilities provided by the hotels. After the exhausting sightseeing day, come back and loosen up the muscles at the relaxation centers or the pool. One of the 5-star hotels, the Marina Bay Sands that provide excellent pool and activities.


If travelers are looking for outstanding facilities, then they must surely book the hotels in Singapore Downtown. These hotels have non-smoking rooms along with some smoking ones too, that are furnished. They also have a wireless facility, fitness areas, living rooms, cooking areas, barbeque, coffee and tea making facilities, bars, and grills. There is also a dry cleaning and laundry service as well. The hotels also offer car hire, parking, and desk services, pick up and drop facilities too. One such centrally located hotel is the Beach Hotel in Singapore. This hotel provides tourists with non-smoking rooms as well.


The hotels in Singapore Downtown have more than just a handful of dishes to serve their guests. They have a humble kitchen staff that prepares numerous dishes. These dishes belong to multiple cuisines and come with a look that appetizers any customer. There are also individual cooks who are experts in chocolates and pastries. On any special occasion, one can request these special cooks to prepare a beautiful cake to surprise the companions or even some dishes of their choice. One of the great hotels popular for its dining is the Ibis Hotel. Everything about the Singapore food scene is exceptional, delectable and scrumptious, to say the least. One must surely try some of the local delicacies during their trip to Singapore.


Q1. What is the currency of Singapore that one can use in the hotels?

A. The currency of Singapore is the Singapore Dollar; however, some hotels do accept foreign currency for the convenience of the guests.

Q2. Are these hotels pet-friendly?

A. Most hotels in Singapore are not pet-friendly, however, there are a few that allow pets inside.

Q3. Is there free internet in the hotels in Singapore?

A. Yes, all hotels in Singapore do have free internet across the area for the convenience of guests.

Q4. How is the tipping culture in Singapore?

A. Tipping is not compulsory in Singapore. However, guests can leave a tip if they are pleased with the service.

Q5. What are some good neighborhoods in Singapore to stay at?

A. Some of the good neighborhoods in Singapore include Geylang, Bedok, Queenstown, Kallang, Bukit Merah, Sembawang, and Pasir Panjang.

Travelers can not only tour across the state but also enjoy comfortable accommodations at the hotels in Singapore Downtown. These hotels are located close to shopping centers and local street restaurants. So, tourists can take a stroll across these commercial areas and have the best time of their life. They can also go on a cruise ride hop on and hop off tour which is wholly guided and provided on behalf of the hotel. Then, they can also unwind and be at peace at the relaxation centers. The hotels also have smoking as well as non-smoking rooms, wireless facility, fitness areas, living rooms, cooking areas, barbeque, bars, and grills. The hotels also have a humble kitchen staff who respond to all sorts of requests such as specialty cakes and pastries on birthdays, anniversaries, parties, etc. The hotels also offer a 24-hour in-room dining facility for the guests so that they can munch of their favorite food at any hour. Hotels that are located in Downtown Singapore include the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, One Farrer Hotel, Carlton Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, The Fullerton Hotel, and much more. So do not just bond with the people on the streets but also bond with the staff, local food, and culture of Singapore as well by booking the hotels in Singapore Downtown.

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