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Street Art Trail in Vienna

Enjoying the beautiful Street Art Trail while walking through the streets of Vienna
Street Art Trail In Vienna

Rated 3.5/5 (based on 10 reviews)

About Street Art Trail in Vienna

It is an undeniable fact that Vienna is rich in modern and contemporary art. Apart from this form, this city even displays some of the graffiti and beautiful street art to the visitors. Strolling through the paths of Vienna is like strolling through history. These street art trails, created by various eminent painters, can be noticed at every nook and corner of the city. The buildings, the parks, the stairways, the walls serve as the canvas of the street art trails. In fact, it is one of the places where an individual can discover and relish amazing street arts. Some of the places where one can notice them are:

  • Felberstraße 1, 1150

  • An amazing painting can be noticed at this place. This street art was created on a car parking garage by two artists named Gaia and Cyrcle. It is curated by Cash, Cans, and Candy.

  • Grangasse 6, 1150

  • Here one can observe a beautiful painting on a building wall. This art was developed by Aldo Giannotti. It is curated by KOR.

  • Schwendergasse 2, 1150

  • Here visitors can stare in awe at the paintings on a wall that create awareness for skin cancer. The artists who were behind the creation of this art trail are Ruin, Skirl, Perk_up, and Friend. It is curated by Jan Arnold Gallery, Spot The Dot, Improper Walls, Block44 and Schwendergasse Public Gallery.

  • Reindorfgasse 31, 1150

  • Here too the visitors get to enjoy beautiful murals on a building walls. The artist behind the birth of this mural is Nita and it was curated by Improper Walls.

  • Untergrundbahn Bogen 6, 1060

  • An underground station situated here displays a marvelous and remarkable artwork. The artist behind its creation is Cix and it is curated by iOnArt.

  • Sandwirtgasse 6, 1060

  • Awesome works of street art can be seen here. Visitors passing by the street can notice the paintings of Mr. WOODLAND. This piece of art is curated by Calle Libre.

  • Hofmühlgasse 12, 1060

  • At this place, there is a big banner that displays urban art form. The real men behind its creation are Stinkfish and RUIN. It is probably curated by Calle Libre.

  • Magdalenenstrasse 12, 1060

  • An urban piece of art namely “Imperishable Relics” can be seen at this place too. These works reflect the creativity of the eminent modern era painters. This art is created by Evoca1 and curated by INOPERABLE.

  • Falcostiege/Rechte Wienzeile 2A, 1050

  • Visitors get to see a rotating wall that displays the portrait of eminent celebrities and starlets. The artist behind its creation is Lushsux and is curated by Jan Arnold Gallery and MQ.


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    FAQ's of Vienna

    Read on to find out why our customers love us!

    Where should I go to see street art in Vienna?

    The Street Art Passage, the Spittelau subway station, the banks of the Donaukanal, and Brunnenmarkt are best spots to check out street art.

    Can I take any guided tour for street art in Vienna?

    Free Vienna Tours and Inoperable are two popular ways to join guided tours of impressive murals.

    How much does it cost to see street art in Vienna?

    Except for the cost of getting there via metro or cab, street art is completely free.