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Ecclesiastical Art in Vienna

The awe-striking Ecclesiastical Art in Vienna
Ecclesiastical Art In Vienna

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Ecclesiastical Art in Vienna

The city of Vienna is best known for its wonderful churches and palaces exhibiting splendor and magnificence. Besides, the city is also internationally famous for gothic as well as modern architecture.

The Church Art in Vienna was the most prevalent form of art in the medieval period. The manuscripts of that period are now preserved in the National Library of Vienna. Cuthbert Evangeliar is one of the most famous copies of the gospels that are richly illuminated at the place. The Admont Great Bible which belonged to the period of Romanesque is also present in the same place and is one of the most treasured pieces. Nicolas de Verdun, the renowned goldsmith had crafted small panels from gold and enamel which depicted the scenes from the Augustinians’ religious tracts. Some of the panels are now positioned at Verdun Altar, Klosterneuburg helping out the tourists to have a view of them.

Vienna is also well known for the Gothic architecture that dwells in the city from the same era. The greatest sculpture from the era (1320) can still be found in St. Stephan’s Cathedral in Vienna and the sculptures include Servant’s Madonna and Enthroned Madonna of Klosterneuburg. The Gothic architecture, on the other hand, can be found in the church at Heiligenkreuz. During the 18th century Renaissance Period, Vienna was occupied with plagues and sieges and the paintings produced during that time depicted everything that went on here and in the others areas of Europe. The sculptures and paintings from the Baroque period mostly emphasized on the grandeur and enhancement of the churches that were built in Vienna. Most of the artists came from Italy and one of them Andrea Pozzo produced The Apotheosis of Hercules on the ceiling of Liechtenstein Palace in Vienna.

John Rottmar, the renowned baroque painter of Austrian origin, had adorned the ceilings of Peterskirche and Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna. Daniel Gran is another famous artist who decorated the Hofbibliothek with frescos and an altarpiece by the artist is present at Karlskirche. Martin van Meytens who actually composed all the details of Vienna’s receptions and court balls was later appointed as the director of the Fine Arts Academy of Vienna. The baroque style of art and architecture has become quite prevalent by the time. The life-size remarkable bronzes at the Fountain of Providence, Neuer Markt were produced by Georg Raphael Donner. Some of the other renowned sculptures are at Belvedere Palace and Kapuzinerkirche. The Wotruba Church has some of the modern paintings. The churches and palaces mentioned also exhibit the architecture of those very periods.


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FAQ's of Vienna

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

What is ecclesiastical art?

Ecclesiastical art refers to artworks related to the Christian church.

Where can I see Ecclesiastical art in Vienna?

St. Stephan’s Cathedral, Verdun Altar at Klosterneuburg Monastery, and Schonbrunn Palace are some of the places to check out pastoral art.

How much is the ticket to see ecclesiastical art?

Price of admission may vary for each attraction to see ecclesiastical art.