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Freudian Trip in Vienna

Discover the hometown of Sigmund Freud
Freudian Trip In Vienna

Rated 3.5/5 (based on 10 reviews)

About Freudian Trip in Vienna

The Freudian Trip of Vienna is a walking tour that guides you to the particular part of the city where Dr. Sigmund Freud lived. The trip covers above 20 buildings and places in Vienna which are related to Freud. The trip does not cover the Museum at Berggasse 19 but the guide can surely show it to you if you request him to do so. With the help of this tour, one can experience Freud’s spirit of life and that of his works. The trip is approximately of 2.5 hours long. Besides being Freud’s home, Vienna is also the place where he had formulated his theories and philosophies and all of these resulted in Vienna acquiring the tag the of City Of Dreams.

The trip is led by a historian, who will help you to delve deep into the time of Freud, his works and the way Vienna had appeared to be during that era. The walking tour will begin with the biography of Freud, the immigration of his family to Austria, his studies and career as a lecturer in the University of Vienna, the upcoming power of the Nazis which marked the end of his great time in the city. Being a Jew, Freud had to move to London with his family which was not possible for the other Austrian Jews. The trauma of the Austrian Jews who suffered during the Second World War, one of the darkest periods in world history also gets discussed in the trip.  

The trip starts from the Freud House, better known as the Sigmund Freud Museum where the innovative man has lived and continued with his work for almost 47 years. The waiting room for Freud’s patients will help you to reconsider the theory of Psychoanalysis. The walk then turns to Vienna General Hospital, the place where Sigmund Freud started his career. While you pass through the Narrenturm, the insane asylum built in the 18th century, the narrative of the trip will give you proper context of the root cause for the development of his interest towards the mentally ill. It then moves to the Sigmund Freud Park and ends at the Café Landmann, which was a famous hotspots where the intellectuals including Freud met at that period. While parting ways from the tour, you can get a clear picture about the complexities of the personal and professional life of Freud and how the identity of Vienna is still influenced and intertwined by the personality and works of Sigmund Freud. It is to be noted that the Vienna Opera Tour also overlooks the artistic and cultural context which surrounds Freud.


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FAQ's of Vienna

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

Why should I take a Freudian trip in Vienna?

Taking a guided walking tour is the best possible way to learn about the life and works of Sigmund Freud.

Where can I take a Freudian trip in Vienna?

One guided tour of 2-3 hours includes a visit to Sigmund Freud Museum and up to 10 different places.

How much does Freudian trip cost?

Depending on the group size, prices may vary from 25 EUR to 15 EUR per person.