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How to Reach for Bodu Beru Show

Attend Bodu Beru Show to enjoy Maldivian Music
Bodu Beru Show In Maldives

Rated 4.4/5 (based on 1420 reviews)

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1-2 Hours

Unlimited Fun Folk Music Cultural Performances

How to Reach for Bodu Beru Show

Bodu Beru Show is one of the major tourist attractions of Maldives. This traditional culture of Bodu Beru was brought to the country by Africans and since then, it has made its special place in the culture and people of Maldives. This is why one should not miss attending the beautiful show of Bodu Beru where everyone gets to dance to the beats of the beautiful music. If one is looking as to how to reach Bodu Beru Show in Maldives, it is important to know that it is practiced by every resort. However, Canareef Resort Maldives is one of the best places where one can enjoy the best of the show.

Domestic Plane

One can get to this resort via a seventy minutes flight from Male International Airport to Gan International Airport which is accompanied by scenic views. It is at a distance of ten-minute speedboat ride from Gan Airport.

Airport Transfers

The resort also arranges flight transfers from Male International Airport to Gan International Airport and then by the speedboat ride of ten minutes. However, one needs to inform three days prior to arrival.

Enjoying best Bodu Beru Show is bliss and hence it becomes mandatory to attend one. Attend the show at Conareef Resorts and enjoy to the core. Now that the travelers have understood how to reach Bodu Beru Show, do not miss this beautiful music.


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FAQ's of Maldives

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What is the Bodu Beru Show?

It is a local traditional type of song and dance routine famed in Maldives.

Where can I watch the Bodu Beru Show?

They perform the Bodu Beru at various hotels or concert halls.

Would I need a ticket for the Bodu Beru Show?

Tickets are required. If your travel package doesn’t already cover it, then you need to ask your tour manager about the expenses.