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How to Reach Spain from Mumbai

Welcome to a little slice of paradise known as Spain
Spain Tourism

Rated 4.2/5 (based on 10 reviews)

Quick Information

Best time to visit:

Dec - Mar, Jun - Aug


On Arrival

Ideal Duration:

6-7 Days

Starting from

Rs. 35,000



Hills Seafood Nature

How To Reach Spain

From-To Distance By Air By Train By Road
Mumbai to Spain 12.0 hours--

How to Reach Spain from Mumbai

The city of Mumbai or the old Bombay is an exotic mix of old and new. It sometimes feels as if the city has a life of its own throbbing with its own energy. Mumbai is a melting pot of different cultures. Mumbai is not only cosmopolitan in name but the people here make you feel one of them which is a true cosmopolitan spirit. ‘Work hard and party harder’ is the tagline of every Mumbaikar. It is known as the city that never sleeps. The famous Salman Rushdie once quoted ‘You can take the boy out of Bombay; but you can’t take Bombay out of the boy’, which is so true. Travelling to Mumbai is not a visit but an experience. Mumbai itself is well connected with major cities worldwide. Find out the ways on how reach Spain from Mumbai listed in the sections below.

By Air: The Chhatrapati International Airport is the second busiest international airport in the country. Mumbai is well connected with major destinations across Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Ibiza, Seville, Malaga, Majorca, Las Palmas, Bilbao, Lanzarote, Santa Cruz de la Palma, Santiago de Compostela, A Coruna, Asturias and Granada. Major airlines connecting these cities are Air India, Alitalia, Aeroflot, Air France, Lufthansa, Etihad Jet Airways, Emirates, Air Europa, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, SWISS, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and many others.

By rail: Hypothetically you can travel from Bangalore to Spain by train but it will be highly inconvenient and exhausting. There are still no railway links between India and any European countries at present. Railway connectivity between Asia and European countries is only being considered for trade purposes and it is still not completed. If you want to experience Spain instead of just travelling to Spain then   trains are the way to go. The scenic beauty and varied culture is best observed and enjoyed through this mode of transport. Plus it is really convenient. Several trains connect Spain directly to many European countries such as France, Italy, Switzerland and others. Eurail Spain connects many Spanish destinations such as Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Seville and Valencia. Eurail Spain also has global passes which gives you the freedom to travel all over Spain and 27 other European destinations.

By road: This would definitely be the ultimate road trip if ever there was one. Actually there is one. A family of four has actually taken a road trip from Bangalore all the way to France via Spain and it was one of the most successful and enthralling one trip ever. The Baid family undertook this journey and taking their Fiat Linea Tjet they started this journey of a lifetime. Their chosen route was Bangalore to Nepal on to China then Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, then crossing the Swiss Alps, Spain and on to France. Along the way they visited some awesome locations. It took them 111 days to complete the trip. 


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FAQ's of Spain

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

What is the best way to travel within Spain?

The Eurail and various bus services are the best ways to travel within the country.

What are some must have dishes of Spain?

If in Venice, the paella Valenciana should not be given a miss. It can be prepared with meat or vegetables, as per your choice.

What are the famous festivals of Spain?

The Tomatina Tomato Fight and the San Fermín running of the bulls in Pamplona are probably the best and most popular festivals of Spain.

What is the best time to visit Spain?

The best time to visit Spain is during the months of April, May, June, September and October, when the weather is pleasant.

What is the weather like in Spain?

Spain actually falls in three different climate zones. The summers are very hot, whereas the winters are chilly and rainy.