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Israel Honeymoon Packages

Israel Honeymoon Packages: rated 3.7/5 (based on 6 reviews)

Israel Honeymoon Packages

Among all the Middle Eastern countries, Israel is one of the diverse countries. The tour packages to Israel, offered by TravelTriangle, are breathtaking and adventurous.
These Israel honeymoon packages that contain tourist attractions like Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv, Kalia Beach, Nightlife at Tel Aviv, deep sea diving at Coral Reef Beach, etc. Offering a perfect holiday for couples is the main motive. Therefore, the Israel honeymoon packages are crafted in a way that it helps the couples to know each other and enjoy the versatile tour in a unique way, within a short period of time. The place has a huge value in terms of beaches. Along with the beaches, the nightlife is also amazing here. Enjoy the best of these experiences with your partner on a honeymoon holiday.

Top Destinations to Visit with Israel Honeymoon Packages

Once you will reach Israel, you can start your amazing and most romantic trip. The trip would consist of a visit to some well-known places like:

  • Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv:If you want to enjoy good nightlife experiences and know more about Tel Aviv, Gordon Beach is the most happening and romantic place to explore. The beach has various volleyball courts, lavish restaurants, and hotels for a perfect honeymoon with beach dream. In fact, the hotels at Gordon Beach are mainly known as the most romantic honeymoon stay destination for newly married couples.
  • Kalia Beach:The Kalia beach is known for the feel of the romance in the air, which is around the Dead Sea water. This place is covered with the Dead Sea from the north. It is a kind of magical destination because it helps to revitalize your body and reduce the stress leading hormones. There is a 360-degree open café that allows you to enjoy the view of the Jordanian desert and Judean desert.
  • Coral Reef Beach:The Coral Reef beach is known for its crystal clear water. Due to the clean water present here, deep sea diving is also allowed, where you can have an adventurous visit to underwater life with your loved one. This is the most romantic and unique place, as you can see the colourful fishes that are swimming inside.
  • The Wishing Bridge of Tel Aviv:Tel Aviv is known for the gorgeous park that has a wishing bridge overlooking to the sea. This bridge has various zodiac signs that are lined at the edges. It is said by some legends that if you touch your zodiac sign while making a wish, there are high chances of your wish to come true. This makes the places unique and romantic for newly married couples.
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride:To enjoy and feel the romance in the air, a hot air balloon is here. A hot air balloon ride is one of the best things that the couples can do. Here, you can enjoy an adventure with your partner under the wide open sky and witness the aspiring green lands of villages. You can feel the magic of love with your sweetheart in the air.

Best Time to explore the Romantic Nightlife of Israel

If you want to enjoy a romantic nightlife in Israel with a mild temperature, then the best time to visit is, autumn i.e. September and October month. At this time, the temperature is a bit mild and thus, the nightlife party at Tel Aviv becomes amazing. During these periods, there are many shows that take place on the beaches of Tel Aviv like bonfire clubbing and all. This helps you to come closer to your partner and makes you both to fall in love once again.

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FAQs for Israel

What is the best time to visit Israel for couples?

Israel is one of the diversified countries. If you plan to visit beaches and the Dead Sea, the best time to go is spring i.e., April and May months. Whereas, if you have a plan to enjoy mild temperature and romantic nightlife, the best time to visit is autumn i.e., September and October.

Does Israel makes for a safe honeymoon destination?

Israel is pretty safe for the honeymooners. Almost in all the places of Israel, you won’t encounter any kind of problems related to this. Except for the hostel Muslim Quarter, where only married couples are allowed to stay, only in that case you need to take a marriage proof. At the rest of the places in Israe, people do not really care about such documentation.

What things do I need to pack while traveling to Israel?

There are a few things that you need to carry while visiting Israel. Carry loose pants, light & water/air proof jackets for the air balloon trip, modest clothes, beach mats, selfie stick, boot shoes, sunscreen, mosquito skin protecting cream, portable fan, cotton clothes, and slippers. These things will help you to make your vacation safe and protective.

Is deep sea diving at Coral Reef Beach safe?

Yes, deep sea diving at Coral Reef Beach is safe. The Coral Reef Beach does not qualify for a sea. Thus, the water present there is not that salty and safe for the skin as well. The Coral Reef Beach is a nature reserve that is like conservator and protected from harmful chemicals. Besides this, the water present there is crystal clear, which makes it safe for diving.

What clothes I should not wear in Israel?

Normally, while being on a trip to places of sightseeing you can dress up with a simple loose t-shirt and skirts/pants. Care needs to be taken while visiting a religious site. Wearing short skirts or t-shirts that show up your shoulder, can harm the sentiments of the residents. In that case, wearing normal full sleeves t-shirt and long pants/skirt will do. Along with this, don’t forget to carry a sarong or a dupatta to tie it around your head or any bare body part.

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Israel Tour Packages

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

Raizel's 10 days trip to Egypt

a year ago
Kudos to the Travel Lykke team headed by Mr. Shashank and his teammates Ms. Rupa and Ms. Rashmi for our amazing private tour of Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and Egypt! The team went out of their way to meet (even exceed) our expectations with all our travel goals covered. It was not easy to coordinate our trip given that we were doing cross-country with visa and border requirements, and nine people traveling from a toddler to two senior citizens. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and would highly recommend this agency. We would love to book with them again for our future travel plans. Again, thank you for our amazing holiday! :)

Raizel Albano


Parsathi's 11 days trip to Israel

5 years ago
We visited Israel in October, 2019 for 13 days, and requested Travel Triangle (TT)/ Holiday Aces (HA) to prepare a customized tour for us. As we are an elderly couple, we needed some rest between daily tours. Also we always wish to do parts of the the tour by ourselves, to use public transport, visit certain places, such as the downtown and bazaar areas, by ourselves and in general mix with the locals. TT/HA were very cooperative and prepared a tour itinerary exactly to our liking. Also we were unfortunate to miss our flight to Tel Aviv (we did the flight bookings by ourselves), had to take the next available flight and arrived very late at night at our destination. TT/HA immediately made alternate arrangements so that we could arrive safely at our hotel. I am most grateful to them for this arrangement. The hotels booked were at very convenient locations, clean and comfortable and the tours arranged for us to cover the important tourist hot spots of Israel were excellent. I would strongly recommend TT/HA normal and customized tours to any traveller.

Parsathi Chatterjee


Narendra's 7 days trip to Israel

5 years ago
The travel agents didn't do anything except send vouchers through you. They had no idea about the place I was traveling or any details. It created a lot of avoidable problems once I was there. Will never go with holiday aces again. But special thanks to Vikrant for helping with the date change in the ticket and genuinely trying to help. Mr.Amit refused to answer the phone when I called for crucial details. Holiday Aces works only like a broker having no knowledge of the ground situation and details.

Narendra Rao

Sujir's 5 days trip to Israel

5 years ago
The trip was awesome and everything was almost good. Some of the points of review were: Extreme amounts of confusion relating to the visa processing. Documents required, resending and reposting of documents etc. The travel agent in Israel was nice but a little too insensitive to our needs. And the travel agent in India his counterpart seemed a little inexperienced and incompetent when it came to documentation matters. They gave us a hell of a time running around to get the documents sorted and did not compensate much for anything. We have had better experiences in other countries with different agents. I believe agents should be more sensitive to the client when they are frustrated. The country and the drives.

Sujir Pavithra


Rakesh's 7 days trip to Israel

5 years ago
all bookings and planing was good . The major goof up was with the agent and the end service provider. There was some sort of confusion as a result we had to miss one day of paid travel. I will never go with travel triangle again complete waste of Money.

Rakesh Kadam


Ravi's 8 days trip to Israel

7 years ago
Jordon trip was very good. We were very happy with the Jordon travel agency. Their guide Basel is very good. We stayed in Panaroma hotel in Petra. The hotel location is very good. But the maintenance and the food is solo. Regarding the Israel trip: We were provided a Honda Civic station wagon for the first 3-4 days. The car has a good boot spec for luggage. But hardly and let room for the back seat passengers. It was pretty bad. Later they changed it to a SUV. It was fine. Hotels were good. Guide Avi is a nice and friendly guy. He is knowledgable too. He was our driver and guide. We felt that he can't handle both the tasks at the same time. The reason may be he is exited to receive us or never handled both the tasks. His organisation skills are poor. He should plan well. Met Raz on the final day. He is a nice guy. Mat a diary farmer as part of the tour. Also met a researcher in banana farm. We were very happy with those two meetings. Couple of suggestions: 1) Dead Sea tour should have been from Jordon rather than Israel. 2) Masada can be avoided or planned when it's not hot. 3) we didn't visit palastenian territories . We have no idea that tour doesn't cover it. Should include Bethelaham as part of it. So that we could have visited palastenian territories and also Jesus birth place. Any how we achieved our goals of visiting both the countries.

Ravi Ravula


TravelTriangle has scheduled the Israel honeymoon packages in a way that you can make every moment special. Every subtle of the trip is enriched with comfort and ease with your life partner. Apart from this, there are many unsaid things that you can enjoy while being on this trip. During the trip, there would be many reasons and things that will make this trip, as the most romantic and remarkable trip for you.

Recommendations for Tourist

Being the tourist for the trip to Israel, it is recommended to be equipped with all the necessary things that you might need while enjoying your Honeymoon there. It is also recommended to tell your travel agent about the interests and places that you would like to visit on your Honeymoon trip. This will help us to schedule a remarkable and unforgettable trip for your Honeymoon. While travelling, it is recommended to carry some items like water bottle, mosquito protect cream, sunscreen, and hat which will help you to enjoy a safe journey to Israel. It is also advised to make a checklist for the easy and safe tour. In case, if you forget something TravelTriangle will be there to help you at the journey.