An Enjoyable Gujarat Honeymoon Package

An Enjoyable Gujarat Honeymoon PackageAn Enjoyable Gujarat Honeymoon PackageAn Enjoyable Gujarat Honeymoon PackageAn Enjoyable Gujarat Honeymoon PackageAn Enjoyable Gujarat Honeymoon Package

An Enjoyable Gujarat Honeymoon Package

5 Days & 4 Nights

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Upto 3 star hotel in Jan

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Per Person on twin sharing

5 Days & 4 Nights

9% Off
  • Dwarka (2D)
  • Ahmedabad (2D)
  • Somnath (1D)


Upto 3 Stars



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Gujarat, India's westernmost state, offers its tourist varied terrain and numerous sacred sites. This 4 nights 5 days Gujarat honeymoon package take you to a number of destinations in Gujarat. You will get to visit the Darbargadh (Maharajah's palace), the old royal residence of Jam Saheb, Lakhota Fort which once belonged to the Maharaja of Nawanagar and Bala Hanuman Temple in Jamnagar. The temple has occupied a place in the Guinness Book of Records. Visit the holy city of Dwarka this vacation and take a holy dip in the Gomti river. The city is a well known for its temples and as a pilgrimage centre for Hindus. The Dwarkadhish Temple, also called Jagat Mandir, located in the heart of Dwarka, is a Vaishnava temple. You will also get to see the birthplace of Gandhi ji, Porbandar and visit the only Sudama temple in the world on this Gujarat 5 days honeymoon package.


In Somnath, Remains are found from the region and descriptions in the writings of Indians and foreigners suggest that the place was a colony of the Aryans in the ancient times. The Somnath temple of religious as well as historical significance is believed to have been built sometime around AD 4. In AD 1026, Mahmud of Ghazni first looted the temple, and then came Afzal Khan, the commander of Ala-ud-din Khilji and later Aurangzeb. It is said that the temple was looted and destroyed as many as seventeen times. Witness the rules of many famous dynasties like Babi Nawabs, Vilabhis, Kshatrapas, Mauryas, Chudasama, Gujarat Sultans and several others in Junagadh with your partner and has it has influenced  the architectural developments of Junagadh. You will geto taste the mystifying paradox that India can serve up with a visit to its megacity, Ahmedabad on this Gujarat honeymoon package. Nestled in the heart of Gujarat, this zesty city provides one with a generous buffet of stimulation that swears to enliven all the five senses. A day here is like living through an enigmatic and passionate dance between the old and the contemporary, the virtuous and the ruthless, the peaceful and the chaotic, the artistic and the crude, the spiritual and the material.


All of this this can turn into your honeymoon in just one click. Go through this Gujarat honeymoon itinerary and book you 4 nights 5 days Gujarat honeymoon package now!


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