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Israel - The land of diversities

Eilat Tour Packages

About Eilat: rated 3.5/5 (based on 10 reviews) | Packages starting from ₹136,000/-

Welcome to Eilat. The alluring city of Israel, located near Jordan. Leave all your work and worries far away and spend some time relaxing on the calm beaches. The crystal blue waters, its calmness is going to make you forget all your worries. Spot some finned residents of Israel in the Dolphin reef with the Eilat packages and enjoy the thrilling adventures that it offers you.

You can enjoy diving into the ocean or enjoy snorkelling. Also, enjoy your visits to the Underwater Marine Parks and capture some enchanting moments as you walk along the glass enclosure. The resort city or sometimes also called Israel's window onto the Red Sea is a perfect getaway for beach and thrill. Explore the Red mountains and the surrounding markets on this Eilat trip. You will be able to enjoy shopping here as Eilat is also a tax-free zone.

The bewitching city is famous for its Red mountains, Red sea and the beaches. You could just do anything here starting from hiking to swimming, you name it and Eilat has it. So what are you waiting for? With our Eilat packages enjoy your dream vacation and create some wonderful memories to relish.

How To Reach

By Air

You can only reach Israel, Eilat by air. It just takes around 5 to 7 hours to reach depending on the airlines. Some of the daily flights are available from major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai etc. Some of the famous airlines include El Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Jet Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates and Lufthansa. To save money on booking flights, it is recommended to book tickets beforehand.

By Road

You cannot reach Israel by road ie by car or bus. However, once after reaching the airport at Israel, you can choose to take a taxi and reach your destination.

Best Time To Visit

Eilat during summer (March-August)

Eilat constitutes of a desert climate and hence, the temperature sores up to 40 and even 50 degree celsius during the summers. Especially during the months of July and August. If you cannot tolerate heat then it is advisable not to book Eilat packages during the summer months. However, summer has its own beauty for Eilat, and if you can bear with the heat then go for it.

Eilat during Winter (November - February)

These months count as the winter season for Eilat and the months of January and February are the coldest with temperatures hovering around 18 to 20 degree celsius.

Hence, the best time to visit Eilat is between September and October as the temperature remains moderate and the weather remains pleasant. Eilat tours are famous between people all around the world and this is the peak season of the destination and hence you might need to book your rooms and tickets in advance.

Bestselling Eilat Tour Packages

Popular Eilat Tour Packages
Incredible Israel Tour Package With Eilat 12 Nights/13 DaysUpto 4 Stars, Meals, Sightseeing, Entry fee charges, Transfers₹136,000/-
Magnificent Israel Tour Package14 Nights/15 DaysUpto 4 Stars, Meals, Sightseeing, Entry fee charges, Transfers₹153,000/-
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Showing2 Eilat Tour Packages

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13 Days & 12 Nights Customizable
Starting from:10% OffExact prices may vary based on availability.

₹ 136,000/-₹ 151,111/-

Per Person on twin sharing

  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Nature
  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  • Historical
  • Caesarea
  • Religious
  • Golan Heights
  • Sightseeing
  • Crusaders’ City
  • Solomon’s Pillars

Hotel included in package:


  • Tel Aviv (4D)
  • Galilee (2D)
  • Jerusalem (5D)
  • Eilat (2D)

Booking a 12 nights 13 days Israel tour package is the best way to exp....

  • Upto 4 Stars

  • Flights

  • Meals

  • Sightseeing

+2 more
  • Entry fee charges
  • Transfers
  • Please deselect at least one item. Only 3 are allowed.
    15 Days & 14 Nights Customizable
    Starting from:10% OffExact prices may vary based on availability.

    ₹ 153,000/-₹ 170,000/-

    Per Person on twin sharing

    • Mount of Olives
    • Adventure
    • Tomb of King David
    • Religious
    • Church of St. Peter
    • Historical
    • Caesarea
    • Sightseeing
    • Golan Heights
    • Golan Winery
    • Mount of Beatitudes

    Hotel included in package:


    • Tel Aviv (6D)
    • Galilee (2D)
    • Safed (2D)
    • Jerusalem (5D)
    • Eilat (2D)

    Israel is located in Western Asia, on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea a....

    • Upto 4 Stars

    • Flights

    • Meals

    • Sightseeing

    +2 more
  • Entry fee charges
  • Transfers
  • FAQs for Eilat

    Eilat is a wonderful place and is safe for everyone. You can even roam around at midnight on the streets. Tourists are absolutely safe here. Enjoy the beautiful trip with our Eilat packages and bring home some alluring memories.

    Yes, tap water is drinkable. Even the luxury hotels at Eilat have tap water drinking systems which is a must try. Just avoid drinking tap water at the Dead sea.

    Eilat was established in 1951. You will get to know a lot about the place as soon as you start your journey.

    Eilat is about 247 km away from Jerusalem.

    Eilat is a beautiful city of Israel, known for its rocky mountains and beaches. Also, famous for its adventurous surprises. Enjoy the calm blue sea and the city is just perfect for tourists of any age. A perfect place for those who are looking for photographs or adventures or just want to relax. The place welcomes everyone and anyone.

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    5 Best Places To Visit

    Timna Park

    A must visit place where you will be stunned by natural rock formations, a little bizarre but provides great picturesque views. Keep your camera on for some wonderful shots.

    Dolphin reef

    Say hello to the adorable finned residents while swimming with them on your Eilat trip. Experience a one-in-a lifetime experience while snorkelling with the dolphins at the Dolphin reef. You can even spot dolphins from the observation docks.

    Coral Beach Reserve

    Rent masks and costumes and dive into the deep and play with smaller colour fill finned residents and watch the vibrant corals as you swim down the way.

    King’s city theme Park

    Apart from the natural beauty, take a visit to the theme park where you can find King Solomin come alive from the past.

    Hai-Bar Nature Reserve

    Located to the north of Eilat, lies the stunning Nature Reserve which is a home to antelopes, ostriches, hyenas etc. Keep your camera ready to take home some beautiful sceneries and moments with you.

    5 Best Things To Do

    Swim with dolphins

    One of the most fun and thrilling activities that you could do here is swimming with the dolphins. Create wonderful memories and swim with the tropical fish.

    Underwater Marine Observatory

    Yet another place to surprise you is the MArine Observatory. This is going to be one of the best activities of your Eilat trip as you will be able to witness sharks and other marine mammals and fish.


    Eilat is a tax-free zone so get ready to go on a shopping spree!

    Hiking in the mountains

    Don’t miss out on the hiking adventure on the Eilat mountains where you will be able to capture some panoramic views and it will be one of the most beautiful hikes of your life.

    Desert exploration

    Desert is not just about sands. When you start exploring the deserts of Eilat you will be stunned by its beauty which is also dotted with plenty of historic sites to explore.

    Tips For Booking Package

    • Avoid visiting Eilat during the summers as temperature may soar above 40 degree celsius.
    • Keep your travel documents handy.
    • Don’t forget to take a local sim card
    • Book your rooms and tickets in advance and enjoy your tour with our Eilat packages.