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Osaka Honeymoon Packages

Osaka Honeymoon Packages: rated 4/5 (based on 1 reviews)

Osaka Honeymoon Packages

Japan’s second-most significant city; Osaka is a city different from contemporary Tokyo and the customary Kyoto, with an atmosphere of its individuality. Even the residents communicate in an exceptional Japanese language.
Its attraction may seem omnipresent at first, concealed along with large structures and commercial centres, but Osaka offers enjoyments for all types of folks- from the enthusiasts to kids.

Whether it is the Universal film Studios, the zillions of pachinko machinery and arcades, or traditional fragments and good-looking riversides, Osaka has it all. However, what Osaka is most well known for- is without a doubt, food. With every street scattered with customary Japanese food and Osaka being the source of commercial sushi conveyor belts, one may get a delightful sense of taste of Japan in Osaka’s streets.

TravelTriangle has curated amazing honeymoon packages to Osaka, which you can visit with your beloved in the course of your next holiday vacation. You will feel loved and pampered in this far off nation. Do make plans for an Osaka honeymoon and take away memories that you can cherish all over your life.

How To Reach

By Air

Most travellers, as an alternative of nonstop flying to Osaka, reach Narita at Tokyo and then take the subway or the local intercity bus to reach Osaka. This is an inexpensive option. Numerous flight services like China Eastern and AirAsia are accessible for nonstop trips to Osaka.

By Road

Cabs can also be borrowed, but cabs can be a little bit more on the costly side.

By Rail

Japan has a very well linked subway rail network, which joins Osaka to more or less every other Japanese city. Subway passes are also practicable.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Osaka is in the middle of March and May (Spring Season) and in Autumn Season (October and November). To the latter week of March, the cherries start to bloom, making it the eventful period of the year up until Mid-April. However, the climate is picture-perfect up until May with lots of warm and sunny days.

Summer Season (June to August) is frequently hot and tropical but is not too jam-packed to travel. Mid-June is the commencement of the monsoon season, and it lasts up until July. You can presume a typhoon or short gust of showers, and it is recommended to check the climate before roving.

October to November is another best time to visit, as the climate remains around 15 to 20 degrees in the course of the daytime.

December to February are the coolest months with the temperature dropping to the single-digit spot. The place is quiet and has fewer crowds.

If you're visiting Japan for 10 days, you can spend two days in Osaka and the spend the remaining days moving about other places of attraction in Japan. You can go on a trip to Tokyo and Kyoto to make the most of Japan.

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FAQs for Osaka

What are some of the popular places to visit in Osaka?

Some of the best places to visit in Osaka are:

  • Osaka Castle
  • Shitenn-Ji Temple
  • Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
  • Tennji Park and Zoo
  • The Tempozan Ferris Wheel and Harbor Village
  • Twin Towers: Tstenkaku and the Kobe Port Tower
  • Universal Studios Japan
  • The National Museum of Art
  • Osaka Science Museum
  • The Umeda Sky Building
  • Tenmangu Shrine and the Tenjin Festival

What are some of the popular restaurants in Osaka?

Some of the popular restaurants in Osaka are:

  • Awajishima Burger
  • Byakuan
  • Yonemasu
  • Sunshine
  • Ginzaya
  • Ketobashiya Champion
  • Moeyo Mensuke
  • Ichimatsu
  • Houba
  • Regalo

What are some of the delicious dishes in Osaka?

Some of the most popular dishes in Osaka are:

  • Takoyaki
  • Okonomiyaki
  • Fugu
  • Kushikatsu
  • Yakiniku

Which are the main festivals of Osaka?

Some of the major festivals in Osaka are as follows:

  • Sapporo Snow Festival, Hokkaido
  • Aomori Nebuta Matsuri, Aomori
  • Chichibu Night Festival (Chichibu Yomatsuri), Saitama
  • Takayama Matsuri, Gifu
  • Tanabata Matsuri, Miyagi
  • Gion Matsuri, Kyoto
  • The Tenjin Matsuri, Osaka
  • Nada no Kenka Matsuri, Hyogo
  • Saidaiji Eyou Matsuri (Hadaka Matsuri), Okayama
  • Awa Odori, Tokushima
  • Hakata Gion Yamakasa, Fukuoka
  • Karatsu Kunchi, Saga

How is the nightlife of Osaka?

Social life in Osaka is made up of two cultures- gaijin bars and customary sake bars. The air and vibe of gaijin bars are completely dissimilar from the customary bars, and these are warmer to tourists, with a list of options in various languages.

What is the currency of Osaka?

The official currency of Osaka is Yen. You can exchange the currency at the designated counters as well as from the international airports.

What are the famous shopping destinations of Osaka?

Famous shopping destination of Osaka are as follows:

  • Tempozan Market Place
  • Grand Front Osaka
  • Ebisu Bashi

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Sanjeevj's 5 days trip to Japan

3 years ago
Expt for the bullet train ticket issue. Every thing was perfect. Mr Ajay from holiday aces was v cooperative. In fact he resp my calls at odd hrs From Tokyo. I got reimbursement of my ticket promptly from travel agent. Over all nice experience. Robot resto show. Hotel at Osaka. And. Food testing tour of osaka



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Places to Visit in Osaka


One of the more full of life districts in Osaka, Tennoji is home to wide-ranging wonders. Tennoji is situated in central Osaka, and is household to Japan’s highest skyscraper- The Abeno Harukas.

Universal Studios

Osaka’s very own haven for modern beliefs fanatics, Universal Studios is a spot for the entire family. The first Universal Studios theme park to be constructed was in Asia, it has eight fragments at present - Hollywood, The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, New York, Amity Village, San Francisco, Universal Wonderland and Water world.

Osaka Castle

A good-looking relic of Japanese times gone by, the Osaka Fortress is an architectural visualization. Its building having commenced in the 16th century, the Osaka Castle is one of the hoariest Japanese constructions to have endured the war air attacks.

Bunraku Theatre

Customary Japanese finger-puppet theatre has been Osaka’s traditional fort over the eras. Puppet theatre finds its origins in Osaka, as it was created there over the eras.


Osaka's nightspots nerve-center. Minami is home to full of life Osaka nightspots, with numerous streets and institutions remaining open past one in the daybreak, with luminously lit roads and cul-de-sacs filled with the fragrance of Japanese street food.

Things To Do In Osaka

Visit Osaka-jo

Osaka Castle ages from 1583 when it was primarily constructed exhausting 100,000 workers to get the complete building. As with many fortresses in Japan however, it was demolished and the construction that stances now was constructed in the year 1931.

Tour Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum

If you want to learn more about traditional art in Osaka then consider a trip to Kamigata Ukiyoe Exhibition hall where you can learn all about the painting of ukiyo e which is a kind of Japanese pattern.

Check out the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

One of the finest galleries in Osaka is said to be the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living which is an outdoor exhibition hall covered in replicas of houses and customary erections.

Explore Sumiyoshi Shrine

Sumiyoshi Shrine has the entitlement to prominence of being one of the hoariest Shinto memorials not only in Osaka but also in Japan. The memorial was constructed over 1,800 years ago and it is said to be one of the cutest Shinto shrines of its kind.

Ascend the Umeda Sky Building

The Umeda Sky Building is considered to be one of the main milestones in Osaka and you can appreciate it from all over the township. The construction soars to a height of 173 meters and it has an viewpoint which is situated on the 39th floor which is recognized as the Garden Observatory.


Here are certain things that you should keep in mind when thinking of coming to Osaka with your beloved on your honeymoon trip:

  • The places of tourists’ attraction in Sweden remain very crowded on the weekends.
  • If you are planning to visit any of the places in Osaka you must try to avoid the rush hours.
  • You should at all times be cautious about your belongings when you are out on a busy street.
  • When crossing roads late at night, you should be very careful and try to watch out for the coming traffic from both sides.