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Partake on a fun family holiday in Europe

Scotland Family Packages

Scotland Family Package: rated 4.6/5 (based on 5 reviews) | Packages starting from ₹96,650/-

Scotland Family Package

Situated in the northern region of the United Kingdom and bordered by England, Scotland is a beautiful country in the British Isles, popular for its music festivals and characterized by picturesque landscapes. Book our Scotland family packages to spend an exciting holiday exploring this unique country.

What makes Scotland so special and worth visiting, is its fascinating history of kings and emperors who invaded the country, left behind marvelous works which are in the form of glorious castles, unique architecture and much more. Our family tours of Scotland are tailored to give you the best and most unique experience of a lifetime, for you and your loved ones.

How To Reach Scotland?

Travelling to Scotland is a hassle-free task. It is well connected by air, road and rail.

By Air

Scotland’s five international airports, Glasgow International, Glasgow Prestwick, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness airports are connected by daily flights to Europe, Asia and North America. British Airways, Flybe and Easyjet account for most of the flights to Scotland.

By Rail

The rail network in Scotland connects major cities and towns in the country. It is well connected with England’s rail network and provides regular train services from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness to London.

By Road

Scotland has an extensive road network which connects all major towns and cities and also connects it to England. The A1 road connects Edinburgh to London and the M8 Motorway connects Edinburgh and Glasgow. The city of Glasgow is a 7-hour drive away from London, the capital and economic hub of the United Kingdom.

By Water

Scotland is made up of several hundreds of islands and to get there, a lot of ferry services are available from the mainland.

Best Time To Visit Scotland

Months from March to May can be seen as the best time for family tours of Scotland. It can also be visited from September to November. These seasons have the most pleasant weather for tourists to visit the country.

Summer in Scotland

Summer lasts from June to August and these are the warmest months of the year. Daylight hours are more during summer in Scotland. Summer is also a good time to visit the country.

Winter in Scotland

Winter is not the preferred time to visit Scotland as most hotels and attractions are closed during the winter months. Snowfall and cold temperatures aren’t quite suitable for tourism.

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Awe-Inspiring Scotland Sightseeing Tour Packages

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  • London (6D)
  • York (1D)
  • Edinburgh (2D)
  • Scotland (1D)
  • Manchester (1D)

TravelTriangle assures the best of your holiday with this amazing 10 night 11 days

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Property Types in Scotland

FAQs for Scotland

What is the legal drinking age in Scotland?

18 is the legal drinking age in Scotland. People who are above the age of 18 are allowed to consume alcohol in bars and can also purchase it.

How many days are enough for a vacation in Scotland?

8 to 10 days would be fine for an ideal vacation in Scotland.

Which things should one buy from Scotland?

One should get their hands on a couple of Scottish things like:

  • Malt Scotch Whiskey
  • Kilt
  • Trendy printed things
  • Tartan Umbrellas
  • Heathergems Jewelry

Which markets should one go for shopping in Scotland?

The must visit markets for shopping here are:

  • Barras Market
  • Kelso Farmers Market
  • Fair City Markets
  • Urban Market

When to visit Scotland?

A trip to Scotland is best planned between the months of March to May (the Spring season) or between September to November (Autumn Season).

Which currency is used in Scotland?

The Pound Sterling, also known as the GBP or the Great Britain Pound is the currency in use.

Do I need any vaccinations to visit Scotland?

No specific vaccinations are necessary for planning a trip to Scotland.

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Prathyush Vk


Prathyush's 7 days trip to Europe

My trip to London and Scotland was very well planned and organised, and all minute details were taken care off. I would also like to commend “Infinity & Beyond Travels” for having exceptionally sincere, diligent and dedicated resources who assisted us in an exceptionally efficient and quick manner.
A big thanks to the team especially Devaansh. Cruise from Inverness to Loch Ness

Deepak Malkan


Deepak's 7 days trip to North East

Short form of the feedback: Starting July 11 thru' 17, '19 we had a memorable tour of NE India (mainly Meghalaya & a bit of Guwahati). We enjoyed every moment of it. Many thanks to Nikita from Reify/Itvaar Travels for putting together the overall package, detailed planning and for her constant supp
ort right thru' the tour. Here is a link to the our pictures from the tour: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmFj8TeG (click the 'play' button to view in slide-show mode). Long form of the feedback: It was the worst of times and yet the best of times .. In many ways. Promises and credible relationships were available only at a premium, that which invariably breakdown despite the best of intentions, when working at breakneck speed since the beginning of the year on a high-profile project, that which we were terribly behind and that which we had run out of considerations to not deliver. We were now effectively playing a test match game at T20 speed. Who knew if we would end up at 500 for 1 or would be all out below 100. If one batsman got out in the high-profile chase with time running out, then the next one in line had to pick up the gauntlet and step up his or her game. As Lord Tennyson so eloquently wrote in Charge of the Light Brigade, “Was there a man dismayed? Not though the soldier knew, Someone had blundered. Theirs was not to make reply, Theirs was not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die, Into the Valley of Death …”. It was the worst of times and yet the best of times .. To be associated with our project execution team. Such pressure invariably spills over onto the family which, though understanding, cannot quite fathom the necessity of an all-out war-room 24x7 work environment. After one especially contentious call, my wife asked me if I’m okay. Say I, “Yes, its just that I was practicing the ‘Raga Deepak’. Pretty normal under the circumstances. Logical thinking was at a premium.. But things took for a worse, family wise, when we had to cancel a much-awaited vacation to Iceland, mainly because, well you guessed it, work took precedence. But our vacation window for the year was closing. Our son, who is due to start his Master’s program this coming fall, gave us a 2 week window in July of his availability to join my wife & I on a vacation together. Also wanted to visit his grandma. Rescheduling to Iceland was off the table and we turned our sights to India. The 2 week window brought a clarity of purpose. Workwise, it was finally possible to see the light at the end of the long project tunnel, particularly after a quick dash to our co-developers on-site. That was good. Also, India was a good choice since I could quickly join up with our work team in India. A proposal for a workation (work + vacation) in India was quickly approved. We now turned our attention to picking a vacation spot in India. Not much time to figure that out. A new deadline. So, what’s new? It was the worst of times and yet the best of times .. To plan a vacation. July is monsoon time in India. We considered a few drier spots, the western & northern parts. Vacation spots in Gujarat, Himachal, Punjab were in consideration. But none seemed to gel well enough. And then an idea. Why try to avoid the monsoons at all? Why not pick a spot particularly well known for its monsoon rains: Cherrapunjee? That which has the reputation of the rainiest spot on Earth, or atleast that we hadlearnt during our school history lessons. If we could follow Darwin to the Galapagos, our first and only trek of significance into the Himalayas and the Indus Valley Civilization to Harappa, then following the monsoons into Cherrapunjee while impractical, did sounds just about right. Hey, and don’t’ forget the possibility to douse ‘Deepak Raga’ with ‘Megh Raga’. It was the worst of times and yet the best of times .. To take a monsoon vacation in Cherrapunjee. Cherrapunjee is in North East India. Organizing a vacation in India requires some level of ground support, particularly when coming from the US. Normally, we get ground support from relatives or friends who have provide contacts, or better still do the reservations & bookings on our behalf. But the North East is a different pickle altogether. None of our contacts knew much about the North East. What exactly to see in Cherrapunjee, or thereabouts? Other that its place in school history books, was it a place worth going to? A quick research on the web alleviated our initial concerns. The more we read, the more it seemed that we had stumbled on a hidden gem, just like Pokhara Nepal that we visited a couple of years back. But finding our way around there was still an issue. We normally self-organize our vacation travels. To do this requires enough lead time. In this case, we did not have that luxury. Nor, did we get enough leads from the web on how to self-organize one either. We were now down to Plan C: Contact a few travel agents that we could find on the web. The first one sent back a somewhat vague reply. After waiting in vain on them a few days, we tried the next one. Travel Triangle. Travel Triangle gave an immediate response back, forwarded our request to Nikita from Reify/Itvaar, an agency that specialized in the NE region. Nikita was a game changer. She is truly a responsive travel agent. After a short chat on WhatsApp, Nikita quickly understood our requirements and within a day put together a tour package that was close to what we might have put together ourselves. By this time word had got around that that we were going to the NE. A few close relatives were intrigued enough that they wanted to join us. An initial party of three quickly turned into a potential party of eight or nine. We settled down to a party of seven with one late joinee. Yet could we rely on an unknown agent from an unknown agency that had our contact from yet another unknown forwarding agent? What might be the chances of broken promises. Is Reify/Itvaar another fly-by-night operator? It came down to simply my judgement on how credible Nikita herself was. She was simultaneously responsive and insistent enough to raise our confidence in the agency. It was obvious enough that Reify/Itvaar wanted our business. But it was her responsiveness and sufficiently detailed plan that convinced us Reify/Itvaar was a credible enough agency. Our relatives joining us seemed overall fine with the proposal & pricing. Then after 3/4 modifications, that which Nikita was very quick to help work thru’ on, we finalized on 7day/6night proposal. We now had a day-by-day schedule, a vehicle with driver reserved and hotel bookings over a week or so. The schedule included the towns of Guwahati (in Assam), Shillong, Mawlynnong, Dawki and Cherrapungi (the last four in Meghalaya). We quickly learned about Shillong’s reputation as the Scotland of the East, Mawlynnong’s as the cleanest village in Asia (no kidding!) and Dawki’s as a town bordering Bangladesh. More hidden gems, for sure. It was the worst of times and yet the best of times .. Cherrapunjee was ON, and more. To get in meant a 40+ hour journey from Philadelphia to Doha to Delhi to Guwahati. The last leg of our outbound journey from Guwahati airport to Shillong would in a Tempo Traveler van included as part of the overall package. The Tempo Traveler and its driver, Tapeshwar would be our constants thru’ the tour. This was the first litmus test on the quality of the arrangements by Reify/Itvaar. The van was good sized 12 seater with plenty of space for our bags and in very good condition. Plenty of room for all. We would start our tour from Shillong, with Guwahati the last stop on our way back. One relative joined us at Guwahati airport. The others joined us the next day in Shillong. Given the itinerary, it was mostly a tour of Meghalaya, just a day to visit around Guwahati. Thru’ the week, Tapeshwar was both our driver and guide thru’ the tour. A soft spoken and ever smiling Assamese, knew his way around and ever ready to adjust per our needs. With a good vehicle, Tapeshwar (literally) at the front end and Nikita at the back end, we had an amazingly good support system to take us thru’ the tour. Nikita was ever available thru’ the entire tour to help us as required. We created a WhatsApp group for the tour. The WhatApp group was very useful too, particularly to share pictures with each other. Nikita, though not on the tour, was also in the group. And she was ever attentive to all messages that required her help. With Nikita & Tapeshwar, we had a memorable trip and enjoyed every moment of it. Overall hotel arrangements were very good (except the last one in Guwahati, where both the room bathroom and breakfast arrangements were sub-par). Our one regret is that we do not have a picture of either. We neglected to take one with Tapeshwar (not sure how that happened). We never met Nikita. We can only imagine what she might be like. But both will be in our thoughts, every time we reminiscence about the tour. It was the best of times .. thanks to Nikita & Tapeshwar & Meghalaya. Deepak.



Ggkunder's 3 days trip to Karnataka

It was a wonderful trip sort of a private one since we visited on week days. Mr.Puneeth from Recluse resort did a wonderful job in making us comfortable and arranging the tour according to our need. Food served by the resort was delicious. Only thing I did went wrong was flight timings booked. It ss
hould have been even more early morning flight to reach coorg and late night one to leave which could have bought us more time to enjoy. Overall it was a funfilled and safe experience. Kudos team!! Trek to the view point and the dam we visited. Scenic beauty...it is indeed scotland of India

Chakshu Madan

New delhi

Chakshu's 8 days trip to London

I am posting this review a little late as I travelled UK & SCOTLAND in JAN - FEB 2017. It was a first time for us at traveltriangle.com and I had an amazing experience with Duniya Safari. Siddhanth was prompt with all communications and accommodated all our requests. The team (Siddhanth (Travel Agen
t), Pankaj and Gurpreet (Visa Agents)) provided excellent support while planning the trip and also during visa confirmation. This team surely puts in a lot of effort in making your vacations hassle free. I would definitely choose them again for our future travels & recommend my friends to choose Travel Triangle / Duniya Safari. Thank you

Dr Nandita Mehta


Drnanditamehta's 3 days trip to Europe

The overall experience was very good but once we reached our destination we realised that we could have got the same deal at a much cheaper price Also we got relevant quotes from only one travel agent and not three The others which we got was for some other destination and not scotland

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Basilica of Santa Maria Del Popolo

Of all the churches...

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Places To Visit In Scotland


Capital of Scotland, this hilly city comprises of the medieval Old Town and the Georgian New Town, with striking combination of new-age and mid-age architecture, this city is a spectacle to behold. The Edinburgh Castle sitting on top of a hill overlooks the entire city, which is home to the crown jewels used in coronation of Scottish kings.


Popular for its Victorian architecture, the city is home to one of the finest architectural marvels of olden times. Some of the prominent Victorian buildings in the city are the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, which is Scotland’s most popular attraction.


This city is located near the River Ness, in the northeastern part of Scotland. Inverness is the largest city and the cultural hub of Scottish Highlands. The Inverness Castle is a must-visit place in Inverness, which is located on a hill above the city, offering spectacular views and a beautiful public garden. Woody islets called Ness Islands on the river are connected to the land by Victorian footbridges.

Loch Ness

Located about 36 kilometres southwest of Inverness, Loch Ness is a deep, freshwater loch, popularly known for the mythical Loch Ness monster. In Scottish folklore, it is said that the monster named ‘Nessie’ lives in the loch.


Known for its remarkable landscape and stunning fishing villages, Skye is one of the must-visit places in Scotland and you can’t afford to miss this place on your itinerary, when you book Scotland family packages.

Things To Do In Scotland


For a serene and peaceful outdoor activity, nothing can beat fishing, which is thrilling and exciting. Scotland is one of the most popular destinations for freshwater and sea angling, where you can chase a wide variety of fish, including the Atlantic salmon.

Canoeing & Kayaking

Scotland offers several canoeing and kayaking zones for the enthusiastic ones. You can paddle in one of Scotland’s many rivers and lochs, amidst the beautiful scenery. With several miles of secluded beaches with spectacular views, you can go for sea kayaking and refresh yourself in the clean sea air.

Events & Festivals

Scotland hosts many major events and festivals every year. The Edinburgh Summer Festival is an amazing, colourful event which sees venues packed with star-studded performances all around.

Horse Riding

No activity can be better than horse riding in the countryside, while enjoying beautiful views of the surroundings. Horse riding is popular in Scotland and you’ll easily find places where you can ride on horses.

Enjoy Local Food & Drinks

Scotland is an amazing place for food lovers. Shetland salmon, shellfish, scones, shortbread and whiskeys are the main foods in Scotland.

Tips For Booking

  • Book packages in advance, at least a month before travel, to get the best deals and offers with cheaper air tickets.
  • Check if you can customize the package to suit your needs.
  • Always opt for travel insurance before heading on a holiday, which will be helpful in case of any unforeseen circumstances, including flight cancellations and delays.
  • Compare the prices quoted before booking, to ensure that you get the best deals.
  • Book all-inclusive packages to avoid paying more at the destination.

For the best deals on packages, choose our Scotland family package for an exciting and wonderful family vacation in the United Kingdom.