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Zadar Tour Packages

Zadar Holiday Packages: rated 4.4/5 (based on 1189 reviews) | Packages starting from ₹162,000/-

Zadar Holiday Packages

We welcome you to Zadar, one of the most beautiful places in Croatia. The alluring city is located on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.
With the Zadar packages, you will be able to grab the real essence of Zadar which will take you on a journey to the Roman and the Venetian ruins of the city. The magnificent place is surrounded by bewitching natural beauty which even stunned Hitchcock! The sunset at Zadar is a must-witness thing. Anyone who visits Zadar will never miss a chance to witness the amazing sunset views.

What’s more amazing? At the sunset viewpoint, there is a public dance floor that lights up when you step on it! So who wouldn’t want to enjoy the views of the sun on a pleasant afternoon with lights beaming from beneath your feet? And then comes Saharun, one of the best beaches in Croatia too. Once you get a glance at the beach you will not be able to stop yourself from getting into the water. The one word to describe the beach is Amazing! This is one of the best experiences you could have in Zadar tours. Apart from these, you will be able to witness the mesmerizing waterfalls and take a dip in the waters and forget about all your worries and problems. There is so much more in Zadar such as the mouth water seafood! Zadar also has some good drinking spots and music festivals at Zadar are countless.

The beauty of Zadar lies in everything it has. Its beauty just can’t be described in words. There are so many things that you will need to feel so avoid rushing. The natural beauty, the cultural beauty, the people, the ruins, the history, the food, everything is lovely in this place. Visit the alluring destination with our Zadar packages and gain new experience and cherish a new adventure.

How To Reach

By Air

You can only reach Zadar by Air. There are a number of airlines like Lufthansa, Air India, Jet Airways, Ethiad that will take you to Zadar from India. Reach the Zagreb Airport and then you can take a cab and reach Zadar in no time. Remember to book your flight in advance to avoid a hike in prices.

Best Time To Visit

Summer in Zadar

The temperature rises up during the summer season and it is a good time to visit the place. If you want to visit Zadar during this time, it might prove to be fruitful.

Autumn in Zadar

It is the best season to visit Zadar as the temperature remains moderate and the peak season comes to an end and the accommodation rates will be lower plus the crowd in the beaches will be less.

Winter in Zadar

You may also visit Zadar during the wintertime and explore the winter beauty of Croatia.

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Croatia Packages From Delhi

Best Selling Croatia Holidays For A Memorable Vacay

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11 Days & 10 Nights Customizable
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₹ 162,000/-₹ 178,022/-

Per Person on twin sharing

  • Nature
  • Adventure
  • Sightseeing

Hotel included in package:


  • Dubrovnik (2D)
  • Split (2D)
  • Makarska (2D)
  • Zadar (2D)
  • Zagreb (3D)
Check out the best selling Croatia packages from Delhi by TravelTriangle and enjoy a memor....
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  • Meals

  • Sightseeing

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FAQs for Zadar

How many days do you need in Zadar?

To enjoy Zadar at its best, you will need a minimum of 2 days. Don’t rush through the places and attractions otherwise, you will not be able to grab the essence of the place. Take your time and visit the beautiful places of Zadar and have havoc fun with our packages.

Where can you swim in Zadar?

There are some alluring beaches where you will be able to swim in Zadar like:

  • Saharun beach
  • Nin's Lagoon
  • Zaton beach
  • Zr?e beach
  • Kolovare beach

Are there sharks in Croatia?

Yes, there are sharks in Croatia’s water somewhere around 30 species. But only 2 species of sharks, namely, the great white shark and the shortfin mako shark are dangerous to humans. But these are rarely seen and the beaches are safe, so no worries and have fun to the fullest.

What is Zadar known for?

Zadar is an alluring place of Croatia, popularly known because of its grand dance festivals and magnificent events. The place is always fun to visit as there is no end to the vibrant events and festivals. Whether it is the dance festival or having some delightful cheese! The days are going to be yours so make it memorable with the Zadar packages and bring home some fun and exciting memories from this magnificent city of Croatia.

Is Zadar safe for tourists?

Yes, the place is safe for tourists. The city also ranks 20th in the list of safest places on earth. However, just like visiting any other place, you have to be careful about your belongings. No serious crime happens here and mere theft, ATM scam, pickpocketing are some of the things that you need to be careful about.

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Top Places To Visit

Church of St Donatus

A must-visit place to witness the history of Zadar which was originally named as Church of the Holy Trinity and was renamed after the Bishop Donat.

Zadar Cathedral

Known as the cathedral of St Anastasia which was built in the 19th century.

Greeting to the sun

It is an art installation in the sunset viewpoint where you will be able to witness the light on the floor as soon as you step on it while enjoying the mesmerizing sunset.

Kornati National Park

It is also a must-visit place that is dotted with caves, cracks, and cliffs.

The Roman Forum

This is constructed between the first century BC and 3rd Century a.d. and is a wonderful place to explore.


Best Things To Do

Maraska Liqueur

It is the signature drink of the destination which is also advertised all over the town.


A sparsely populated island and is the largest archipelago which is also the long island of Croatia. Do not miss visiting the place as you will be able to fish, cycle or even enjoy the experience of scuba diving activities on this Island.

Roman Zadar

It is a Museum where you will be able to witness and learn about Roman Civilization and about their weapons and culture.


The best thing that you can do in this place is tasting their seafood!

Museum of illusions

It is one of the most fun rules you can visit this place well with Hologram in optical illusion and Mirrors!

Tips For Booking Packages

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  • Book your flight and rooms in advance
  • Keep yourself updated with weather