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Vietnam’s Dalat is a delightful place to visit. Be it an explorer, a nature lover, or a foodie — Dalat can be your go-to choice. All these experiences will leave you with priceless memories. This article explores the top things to do in Dalat Vietnam, so that you can make the most of this fascinating city.

Must-Visit Attractions For An Unforgettable Experience

Bird’s-eye view of Chicken Church in Da Lat City on one of the most popular things to do in Dalat Vietnam.

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Depending on the scale of your trip, it is vitally important to have a solid grasp on what activities are viable in Dalat, Vietnam. Due to its abundant attractions and activities, this city continues to be a perfect holiday vacation destination for different types of travellers.

Dalat is home to some of the most picturesque views, breathtaking architecture, delicious cuisines, the best adventure activities, and much more for anyone interested in exploring Dalat. This article provides a brief but comprehensive breakdown of the things to do in Dalat Vietnam that should enhance your Dalat experience.

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Experience The Magnificence Of Dalat’s Waterfalls

The stunning Pongour Waterfall in Dalat, Vietnam, is a must-see among the top things to do in Dalat Vietnam.

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The breathtaking waterfalls are among the most amazing activities you can see at Dalat. Numerous breathtaking waterfalls may be found in the city’s verdant environs, each providing a distinctive experience.

1. Datanla Falls

Datanla Waterfall can be found near Dalat city of Vietnam – it is one of the interesting and highly recommended sightseeing destinations for those who have adventurous souls and for those who love beautiful things to do in Dalat Vietnam.

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One of Dalat’s most well-liked attractions in Dalat. This conveniently accessible waterfall is a short distance from the city centre and provides a variety of activities. You can ride the thrilling mountain coaster or take a beautiful stroll to the falls. Families and adventurers will love the surrounding environment, which is ideal for picnics and nature treks.

Tip: Wear sturdy shoes and prepare for slippery paths when exploring Datanla Falls near Dalat, Vietnam.

2. The Pongour Falls

Experience the majestic Pongour Falls, a must-see attraction amidst nature, while exploring things to do in Dalat Vietnam.

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Pongour Falls, sometimes called the ‘Seven-Level Waterfall’,  is a breathtaking sight. Located around 50 kilometres from Dalat, this multi-tiered waterfall is considered one of the best things to do in Dalat Vietnam. The strong flow of water and the calm surroundings provide the ideal backdrop for leisure and photography.

Tip: Visit Pongour Falls early in the morning to avoid crowds and capture stunning photos amidst tranquil surroundings.

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Explore Dalat’s Unique Architecture

Crazy House, Dalat: A whimsical masterpiece, a must-visit on the list of

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Dalat regarded the constructions as representing different architectural styles inherited from the colonial period and artistically gifted. Visiting these structures is a must-do activity when planning things to do in Dalat Vietnam.

1. Crazy House

You’ll get the best experience of Vietnamese culture at the Crazy House

Image Source: Shutterstock

Also known as the Hang Nga Guesthouse, it’s considered by many to be the most bizarre attraction in Dalat. Luding in Gami, Vinh Phuc Province, this extraordinary building was designed on a treehouse concept by architect Dang Viet Nga, and it has surreal curves and many colours.

Guests can follow poorly lit corridors with spiral stairs and slender bridges and pass through rooms that open a look into the mind of the architect.

Tip: Explore Crazy House Dalat early to avoid crowds and fully experience its whimsical architecture.

2. Dalat Railway Station

Steam locomotive at Dalat railway station, a must-see attraction among things to do in Dalat Vietnam

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DatLat Railway Station is one of the first stations constructed in the early 20th century, and it features the French colonial style. The design of the station differs from other buildings in Dalat, including its roof in the form of an isosceles triangle and stained glass windows.

Currently, it does not participate in the everyday transportation of passengers by trains; however, there are some tourist attractions on the tracks: Trai Mat village has a charming short tour for train enthusiasts.

Tip: Visit Dalat Railway Station early in the morning for serene views and fewer crowds.

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Embrace The Natural Beauty of Dalat

Discover romance at Valley of Love Park (Thung Lung Tinh Yeu) in Dalat City, Vietnam

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Surrounded by sheer natural beauty, there are numerous fun-filled things to do in Dalat Vietnam. Food tours, romantic honeymoons, amazing Dalat Vietnam bike rentals, and even hot air balloon tours offer deep appreciation for the area’s breathtaking scenery.

1. Xuan Huong Lake

Early morning on Ho Xuan Huong Lake, Da Lat.

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Xuan Huong Lake is the most important destination in Dalat, as it is one of the few places where one can enjoy quite a calm environment while surrounded by the noise of a rapidly evolving city.

Located within landscaped gardens, cafes, and pine woods, the lake is excellent for a leisurely walk, shuffling along the lake in a paddle boat, or lying back comfortably on the lakefront. One of the must-dos in Dalat is a visit to Xuan Huong Lake, which I believe will interest every nature lover.

Tip: Rent a swan paddle boat for a romantic ride on Xuan Huong Lake, Dalat’s iconic attraction.

2. Valley Of Love

Love Valley, Dalat: Romantic spot for couples, offering scenic views and leisure activities, things to do in Dalat Vietnam.

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The Valley of Love is considered one of the more romantic sites for couples and families to visit. This park is perhaps the most beautiful in Dalat, which has arisen around exotic flowers, sculptures, and funny constructions resembling bridges. Alternatively, one can paddle a boat; you can hire paddle boats, take horse-drawn carriage rides, or go for nature walks because there are trails within the valley.

Tip: Embrace romance amidst nature’s beauty at Dalat Love Valley, creating unforgettable memories.

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Savour Dalat’s Culinary Delights

Delicious Vietnamese food buffet in Dalat restaurant.

Image Credit: stuart_spivack for Wikimedia Commons

Tasting the local foods in Dalat is really a very special experience. Being one of the most developed cities in Vietnam, it is rich in restaurants where you can taste different Vietnamese dishes, common for the whole country and special to one or another region.

1. Local Markets

Morning market scene in Dalat, Vietnam.

Image Source: Shutterstock

One food tradition that the Habesha group can try is the typical market around the vibrant city of Dalat. The shop called Hell Market is a proper market with fresh vegetables and fruits, different types of food, and other local specialities, including local markets where fresh-grown goods are bought and local Vietnamese food can be tasted.

As for the food, there are a lot of iconic dishes that you can only find in Dalat, such as banh trang nuong, which is like a Vietnamese pizza.

Tip: Explore Dalat’s local markets for fresh produce, handicrafts, and authentic Vietnamese culinary delights. Don’t miss out!

2. Specialty Cafes

At sunset, Lam Vien Square in Dalat, Vietnam offers breathtaking views, a must-visit for things to do in Dalat Vietnam.

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Cafés are another marvellous discovery, and since Dalat is famous for its coffee, the locals are sure to introduce me to the most delicious places. The weather is rather crisp, especially in the mornings, which makes it ideal for drinking hot Vietnamese coffee, and most of the coffee shops have excellent and captivating views of the surrounding terrain.

Go ahead and taste the cheesy speciality coffee that comes from Dalat coffee beans originating from the volcanic soil region.

Tip: Explore Dalat’s speciality cafes while trying the unique blends, cosy ambience, and local delicacies for a memorable experience.

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Experience Dalat’s Adventurous Activities

Adventure seeker rappels at Datanla waterfall.

Image Source: Shutterstock

For adrenaline junkies, there are a number of things to do in Dalat Vietnam. The geographical landscape of the city can be described as diverse and quite suitable for many activities that seek to embrace the outdoors.

1. Canyoning

Young women tourists rappel in Datanla waterfall with a local guide.

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Trekking down a river is as adventurous as it gets, and that in Dalat makes it one of a kind. Coasting is an exciting activity whereby one will be abseiling down the waterfalls, sliding down over rocks, and swimming through river gorges. On the other hand, canyoning is a very professional activity, needing professional tour guides and safety gear; taking these into consideration, beginners can also participate in the thrilling activity in Dalat.

Tip: Stay hydrated, follow guide instructions, and embrace the adrenaline rush for the Canyoning Dalat adventure.

2. Biking And Hiking

An Asian mom and child hiking near Lang Biang mountain

Image Source: Shutterstock

Generally, Dalat’s topography features elevated terrain and hills that make biking and hiking especially inspiring. Besides, there are many trails, ranging from easy ones to the most difficult ones, that give the tourists a good view of the Ukunda countryside.

You can choose to relax by bicycling around the city or climbing Lang Biang Mountain, but whatever your choice, an adventure in Dalat is always in store.

Tip: Check weather forecasts, bring water, wear appropriate gear, and explore scenic routes for biking and hiking in Dalat.

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This exciting place offers adventure seekers and leisure travellers numerous things to do in Dalat, Vietnam, from admiring splendid waterfalls and architecture, water skiing, sightseeing the stunning natural landscape, and tasting delicious Vietnamese delicacies to visiting colourful gardens and ancient designs. Plan your trip to Vietnam today and set foot in the region to make lifelong memories.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Dalat Vietnam

What are the places one can visit to get a glimpse of the demented architecture in Dalat?

The attractions that can be considered to be of an eccentric nature in the city include the Crazy House, which has gained the reputation for being one of the most bizarre structures in Dalat, and the Dalat Railway Station, which features a peculiar design as well.

What are the natural beauty sights that one can visit in Dalat?

Heaven is beautiful yet natural, which is another site that tourists may wish to visit in Dalat; some of them include Xuan Huong Lake and the Valley of Love.

What are some of the traditional dishes that one can expect in Dalat?

Both Banh trang nuong and nem nuong are among the recommended foods to try out of what to eat in Dalat.

How many kilometres are there from Dalat to Ho Chi Minh City?

Dalat is located 300 kilometres south of Ho Chi Minh City, so a weekend trip to this place proves to be a good idea.

Is Dalat good for family holidays?

Yes, there are several things to do with your kids and family, such as going to the Datanla Falls and the Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat, Vietnam.

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