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Sai Baba Temple Ajmer is dedicated to Sai Baba. Other Gods within the temple include Shiva Ji, Parvati Mata, and Ganesh Ji. The temple also houses a Shiva Lingam. The temple has simple yet sophisticated modern architecture along with stellar detailing that makes it stand out from other temples in Rajasthan. The peaceful vibe of the temple and the spacious hall provide everything one needs to unwind and let go of all the worries and stress. Whether you are a devout follower of Sai Baba’s teachings or want to explore the various temples in the region, this Sai Baba Temple will win your heart in an instant due to its beauty, charm, and simplicity.

About Sai Baba Temple Ajmer

The Sai Baba Temple Ajmer is spread across approximately two acres.

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The Sai Baba Temple Ajmer is spread across approximately two acres. Located at Ajay Nagar in Ajmer, the temple was built in 1999 by Suresh K Lal. It has been built using the modern architectural style and has become a must-visit destination for all Sai Baba devotees and casual visitors who seek peace. The most intriguing part of the temple is that it was built using marble in its purest form. This allows light to pass through it, thereby illuminating the entire temple space. The translucent marble stone is not only spectacular to look at but also helps always to keep the temple interior bright.

The Sai Baba temple is a breathtaking example of simplicity and grandeur’s perfect combination. The statue of Sai Baba is made of marble with exquisite detailing that makes it look realistic. He wears a crown that has ‘om’ written on it in Hindi. The throne on which the revered Sai Baba sits is made of gold with intricate detailing of floral motifs, peacocks, and nature. It also features lions and ‘om’ written in Hindi. The spacious temple hall allows people to worship, sit silently, and look at the various marvels within the temple.

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Inside Sai Baba Temple Ajmer

The Dhuni is a must-visit site within the Sai Baba Temple Ajmer Complex

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The Sai Baba Temple Ajmer is a beautiful temple. Here is a breakdown of what is inside the temple and the temple complex.

Big idol of Sai Baba: The idol of Sai Baba in a sitting posture is made with white marble, while his throne and ‘mukut’ are made of gold with minute detailing. The clothes and jewellery are frequently changed. Sai Baba is always adorned with garland.

Idols of other Gods: You can find the marble idols of God Shiva, Goddess Parvati, and God Ganesh on one side of Sai Baba Temple Ajmer. There is also a big Shiva Lingam close to their statues. You can pray to both the statues and the Shiva Lingam while making offerings of your choice.

Dwarkamai Dhuni: The fire called Dhuni is said to have been lit by Sai Baba more than a century ago and its speciality is that it keeps burning without anyone’s help. People believe that the ash from the dhuni, called Udhi, is sacred and has magical healing powers. You can find this within the compound.

Lord Ganesh’s vehicle: Mushaka, Lord Ganesha’s mouse and vehicle, is situated near the entrance of the temple. You can pray to the mouse and then proceed to the rest of the temple. It is of high significance, and people pray to Mushaka on the 11th day of Ganesh Chaturthi.

What To Do

You can come during the aarti time at Sai Baba Temple Ajmer

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You can come for meditation at the temple as there is ample space inside to do so. Or you can simply sit in silence among the positive vibrations all around. You will feel relaxed and lighter because of the aura of the temple. One of the best times to visit is on Thursdays as it is considered auspicious to pray to Sai Baba on that day to fulfil your wishes. If you want to make the most of your trip to the temple, then come during the aarti times, which are the same as that of Shirdi Sai Baba Temple.

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How To Reach Sai Baba Temple Ajmer

You can reach Sai Baba Temple Ajmer by bus, train, and plane

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By Air: The temple is 39.5 km from the Kishangarh Airport and 143.4 km from the Jaipur Airport. You can pre-book a cab from the airport so your ride is ready or hire a taxi from the stand right outside the airport.

By Rail: The Sai Baba Temple Ajmer is just 4 km from Ajmer Junction Railway Station. As Ajmer is on the popular Delhi to Mumbai railway line, it is well connected to most trains on this route, making it easy to catch a train and reach the temple. You can hire an auto from the station.

By Road: You can easily catch a government or private bus from Jaipur and other cities in Rajasthan to Ajmer. The closest bus stand is Ajmer Ramganj, just 1.9 km from the temple. The other bus stands are Ajmer Bus Stand Railway Colony (5.8 km) and Bus Stand Muslim Mochi Mohalla (5.9 km).

Tips For Visiting

 It is best to offer flowers and fruits when visiting the Sai Baba Temple Ajmer

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  • It is best to set aside a few hours to visit the temple, as its peaceful aura will make you want to spend time in serenity.
  • You cannot take photos or videos inside the temple premises where the main idol is situated.
  • You can take photos and videos up until the entrance only.
  • You are prohibited from bringing home-cooked food to offer to Sai Baba. Instead, you can buy flowers and fruits to offer to Sai Baba.
  • No dress code is enforced, but it is wise to dress modestly and avoid wearing revealing clothing.
  • You should not talk loudly or cause disturbance of any type when you are on the temple premises.

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The Sai Baba Temple Ajmer is one of the many attractions you should add to your itinerary for a trip to Rajasthan. The temple will purify your soul, make you feel like a rejuvenated being, and provide you with all the guidance you need in life. It is a great way to spend time with your family and friends as the peaceful environment will bring out the best in you. A must-visit for every Sai Baba bhakt and other visitors who seek spiritual enlightenment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sai Baba Temple Ajmer

What are the temple timings?

The temple is open every day from 5 am to 10 pm and the aarti timings are the same as those at Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Maharashtra.

What is the entry fee of the temple?

There is no entry fee to enter the temple. If you wish to make donations to the Sai Baba Temple, you can do so in the donation box kept inside the temple area.

When is the Sai Baba Temple Ajmer most crowded?

The temple attracts crowds every day but it gets most crowded on Thursdays as the day is considered most auspicious to pray to Sai Baba.

What is the dress code of the temple?

The temple does not enforce a dress code and people can wear what they wish. However, as it is a sacred place, people are advised to dress modestly and in traditional clothes if possible.

Which are the most auspicious days to visit Sai Baba Temple Ajmer?

Thursday is considered the most auspicious day to visit the temple and pray to Sai Baba. You can visit the temple at other times too as Sai Baba is known to make miracles happen.

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