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Las Vegas is a beautiful city known for its nightlife, gambling, beautiful hotels and resorts, best restaurants and fine dining, shopping and entertainment. Not only these, Vegas is also known for its natural beauties which makes it a major tourist destination for the people of the USA as well as for the people across the globe. People from different parts of the world come to Las Vegas for long vacations filled with entertainment and fun.

8 Exotic Hot Springs In Las Vegas

Apart from being a place of wondrous attractions, the city also shelters the natural hot springs. Hot springs are preferred by many people as it is considered year’s old method of rejuvenating body and soul. There are several Hot springs in Las Vegas which are a major tourist attraction and the best way to isolate yourself from the noise and chaos of the city and come one step closer to the mother nature. Some of the best Hot Springs in Las Vegas are listed below.

1. 12-Mile Hot Springs

12-Mile Hot Springs

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12-Mile Hot Springs is one of the most beautiful and natural hot springs in Nevada. It is located in the north of Nevada and is a popular tourist destination. Also known as the Bishop hot creek springs Nevada. This scenic Hot Spring is located at the foot of the Humboldt range and you can have a beautiful view of the rocky cliffs surrounding the spring. The temperature of the pool is always around 100 degrees which is perfect for taking a dip and refresh your body and soul. If you feel the heat, you can always take a dip into the chilly river.

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2. Spencer Hot Springs

Spencer Hot Springs

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Spencer Hot Springs are beautiful cozy and steamy and is one of the best places to spend your time in peace and comfort. It is a basic pool with certain man-made additions to give you utmost comfort. There is a large metal tub where you can take a dip and being very close to the heat source, it gets steamy. Since the Spencer hot springs are not totally natural, you can also adjust the temperature of water to suit your body. While you are in the pool, you enjoy the scenic beauty of Central Nevada Toiyabe Range and exceptional beauty of the open desert’s view.

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3. Alkali Hot Springs

Alkali Hot Springs

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Located in the 6.4 kilometers north of Goldfield, Nevada, the Alkali Hot Springs is one of the most amazing and isolated hot springs in Nevada. Alkali Hot Springs consists of two concrete soaking tubs that have the temperature of around 37 to 42 degrees. The water is not so transparent as you would expect but still perfect for taking a dip and comforting yourself. One of the best things about Alkali Hot Springs is that you can stay in camps nearby and the camping is absolutely free. This beautiful and isolated place is a must visit.

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4. Gold Strike Hot Spring

Gold Strike Hot Spring

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This spring is a second set of cascading pools on the Colorado River. It is a place where water comes out from the space available in the mountains. Overall experience of this hot spring is awesome because the trail is very nice which requires scrambling and lowering you over several large boulders using ropes that has been installed at major obstacles. It can be easily handled by any adult person and for more adventure you can also paddle to Gold strike spring from Hoover dam through the Black Canyon section.

5. Hot Spring Arizona

Hot Spring Arizona

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This place is located at just a difference of 45 minutes at downtown. It is located in the narrow slot canyon above the Colorado River and vertical canyon walls are as close as two meters apart. It is a three tiered pool at Arizona hot spring and most accessible from the Las Vegas strip. The pools are made up of sand bugs and the temperature of water remains lukewarm in the lowest pool and high up to 44 degree in the original source pool. You can reach at this place by parking at the trailhead parking lot located at the 6.7 South of the hoover dam from there hike for 4.8 kilometre down the wash until you came to Colorado.

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6. Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs

Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs

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Fish lake valley hot lake valley is sandwiched between the silver peach mountain and the White Mountains. The Boundary Peak is Nevada’s tallest and is directly west of the springs. The overall view of the site is very natural and beautiful as it comprises of large concrete hot pools and two natural warm ponds. You can enjoy free camping, fire pits and grills to make your weekend memorable. Also you will get chance to meet some people who love hot spring same as liked by you. The scene and site is located at such a marvellous location that you would generate a thought once for staying there for the lifetime.

7. Ruby Valley Hot Springs

Ruby Valley Hot Springs

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Ruby valley is a primitive natural pristine hot spring gem in the ruby valley refuge. It is located at about one hour from Elko, Nevada. The main soaking pool is deep enough to swim in and 15 meters across. The temperature ranges from 32 to 39 degree Celsius depending upon the season. The land which surrounds this place can be muddy sometimes but there is a couple of wooden platforms at the edge of the cerulean pool where you can strip down or work on your body tan post soak. Ruby valley hot spring is an off-road adventure so please be aware about the road conditions especially if you are planning to visit in the wet season.

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8. Trego Hot Spring

Trego Hot Spring

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This place is known for the hot spring valley which is a long ditch and soft mud is settled at the bottom. The spring is usually at the north end near the railroad track and water flows towards the south. This hot spring is open to the public and everybody can enjoy the stay. You can set the camp near the spring and spend the day, off-roading on the black road playa. It is basically a hand dug pond at the public land near the black rock desert. You will see the hot water bubbles in the cold pond from several places and it creates the hot pockets. The temperature mixes a little better on windless days so, plan your trip on such days.

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So if you’re looking for a spa-like experience in the exotic surrounding of Las Vegas, then these hot springs will be your perfect getaway. Plan your much awaited vacation to Las Vegas with TravelTriangle and enjoy a holiday like never before!

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