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    James Asquith is 28 years old now but he is already a legend. Why? Because by the time he was 24, he had visited all the 196 sovereign countries of the world and created a record that would make him the youngest person to do so!

    He received his Guinness World record for the same last year and now lives in London working at the Deutsche Bank.

    So how did the idea of traveling the world come up?
    James had always been a saver. Collecting money doing jobs and asking for cash instead of presents had him hoard up quite a bit by the time he was 18. So he took a holiday to South East Asia before joining college and that is how a 3 month vacation turned into a world tour for him.

    How did he do it? Well, let’s read it picture by picture!

    1. Two days after he came back from his 3 month long trip, he booked a solo trip to Egypt. The travel bug had caught him!

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    2. His father was a pilot with British Midland International which allowed him to travel to places he would have otherwise not visited! (Lucky chap!)

    His dad is a pilot which allowed him to visit many countries

    Image Source

    3. He managed to travel even when he was doing his BSc in Economics from LSE and saved money by living with his parents. His students events business (started in college) turned lucrative and also helped him financially!


    4. He remembers having an amazing time in Middle East countries like Jordan and Syria (WOW!)

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    5. His loneliest days were spent in Africa which he recalls “As fond strange memories”. (His words)

    James with children in Africa

    Image Source

    6. When faced with a cash crunch to fund his travels, James took to stock market and it paid off! (in a BIG way!)


    7. Cheaper lesser known airlines and better deals were his travel mantras!

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    Image Source

    8. People thought (assumed) he was a rich kid whose parents helped him financially, but NO! When Faced with a cash crises, James did odd jobs to support himself and his travels! (Kudos)

    9. He visited his last country – Micronesia after he joined HSBC post graduation!

    James in Micronasia

    Image Source

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    5 YEARS is what it took James to travel every sovereign country in the world and he didn’t give up! During this time he faced long vetting process which involved passports, photos, statements from witnesses, photos of himself in every country, countless documentation, and occasional returns to previous countries to beg for stamps!

    Despite all this, he continued and it ultimately landed him a Guinness world record, something that will go with him till the end. Not to forget, his travel story, which is still going strong since his wanderlust has only increased!

    One word. LEGEND! Travel goals anyone?

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