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The UNESCO World Heritage site is a true wonder and is a place of spiritual tranquillity. After Phnom Penh, Siem Reap is the only other city in Cambodia, which mesmerises everyone who visits the place. You will be surprised though, that Angkor Wat is not the only spot worth visiting in Siem Reap; it has so much more to offer. This is your guide to this wonderful town. So, let’s get this journey started with a few Siem Reap travel tips.

8 Siem Reap Travel Tips

Go off-track, try these things and soak in the culture of this lovely little town. For the adventurous ones, there are also quad bikes and also hot air balloon rides, if you are up to it.

1. Find a place to stay for easy access to the city

Find a place to stay

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1st option is to stay close to the night market. Here, you will find a lot of varieties, right from youth hostels to guesthouses to even boutique hotels. This area is always bustling with things to explore and you are one of those who likes to be in the center of the action, you should consider staying in this area.

The 2nd option is the Charles de Gaulle Boulevard, which is the main road to Angkor Wat. If you are one of those travelers, who are willing to spend extra bucks for some calm and peace and want to enjoy the hi-lifestyle, then this is the place you need to stay in. There are many five star hotels and boutique hotels in this area.

The 3rd option is the riverside. Here, there is a mix of high and budget resorts and hotels. There are boutique hotels of high and middle range and guesthouses to choose from. As a bonus, you get to see the amazing riverside of the town, all bright and lively.

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2. Learn when is the peak time

Learn when is the peak time

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The best time to visit the town is from November to February. Since it is the winter, the weather is cool and gives you the best chances to explore this temple town. There are quite a few festivals like the Water and Moon festival and the Sea Festival. If you do not mind the rains, the temples are said to be in all their glory during the season. However, if you are seeking to visit the town for an off-beat experience, this season is not right for you. In such cases, you should either visit in September-October or March-April

3. Pick up a tuk-tuk for pocket-friendly travel around the city

Pick up a tuk-tuk

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Getting around Siem Reap is quite easy and there are many options for that too. If you prefer comfort and want to travel in style, of course, you can hire the taxis available in plenty.However, one of the best and fun ways to travel around Siem Reap are the tuk-tuks. With the wind blowing against your face and jumping up and down whenever there are bumps – this will be one of the thrilling experiences of your life.

You could also rent out bicycles and explore the town on your own, at your own pace.

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4. Follow the Buddhist Etiquettes when visiting temples

Follow the Buddhist Etiquettes

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Sure, Siem Reap is a tourist destination, but it is also the place which houses the famous Angkor Wat temple and also has a great influence of Buddhism. So, you need to make sure that while you are at a Buddhist temple there, you cover your entire body, including your shoulders; avoid wearing sleeveless or carry a stole along. Wear footwear which is easy to put and remove, since you need to remove your footwear often at all those temples.

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5. Sunset Point At Angkor Wat


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Well, you already know about Angkor Wat. The temple complex is one of the largest religious monuments in the world and you’ll need a full day, probably even two days to explore the entire area. Don’t miss the sunset here at the Sunset Point; one of the most beautiful spots that you will ever see. The Angkor Archaeological Park, in which Angkor Wat is also situated, has a lot of other places to explore. You might want to get a three-day pass to explore even the smallest of the temples here. There are also some day trips from Siem Reap to places like the Phnom Kulen National Park or the Banteay Srei.

6. Dont bargain at the floating market

Dont bargain at the floating market

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The floating market is a part of a the floating village which is home to the fishermen in this area and their families. The shops and houseshere are made out of wood and built on strong stilts, which can withstand even floods. It houses people from the ethnic Vietnamese and Cham communities, as well. When we say floating maket and village, it is literally floating on the water – everything from shops, schools to churches – it is all floating on the lake. People who sell things here are all direct sellers and they sell things at reasonable prices. We suggest avoiding bargaining here, because it is considered rude here to do so. Be kind and chat up with these fishermen families and they mightjust invite you to share a meal a with them.

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7. Buy Khmer Artwork from the Night Market

Buy Khmer Artwork

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When you make your travel plans, you will realize that this town cannot be explored in a day and needs at least a few days to experience everything. If you are looking for options to stay in Siem Reap, there are plenty, depending on where you want to stay and the budget that you have in mind.

Team this up with your visit to Pub Street, where you could party the Cambodian way! The night market is the place where the action is towards the evening.We suggest shopping for local handicrafts especially Khmer artwork which is exclusibe here, and renowned cross the globe.

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8. Try the Fish Spa Therapy

Try the Fish Spa Therapy

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The nooks and corners of the town is filled with these little shops, who have tanks filled with the tiny fish. Go ahead and try some fish pedicure, with these flesh-eating fish nibbling away all those dry skin off your feet. If you have not tried it yet, you definitely should as it as an experience by itself. But, beware. Sometimes, these street shops do not clean the water after a session. So, make sure it is cleaned before you put your feet into one of those tanks.

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So, you must have realized by now that Siem Reap is not just about temples and spirituality. You could also try one of those Siem Reap city tours like the Street food evening tour or the bike tours. Siem Reap is a beautiful town with the right mix of ancient culture and modernism. These Siem Reap travel tips will help you have a fun-filled and complete experience of this town and its surroundings. So, pack your bags for Cambodia and enjoy this wonder of a town called Siem Reap!

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