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    Trekking Near Chennai

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    Chennai is known for its beautiful beaches, temples, culture, and traditions. But do you know Chennai is also famous for some enthralling trekking trails? Located near to the main city, these fascinating trekking trails excites the adventure enthusiasts to a large extent. Be it the Nilgiris or Annamalai hills, lakes or waterfalls; these 12 places for trekking near Chennai never fail to delight the hikers.

    Best Time To Trek Near Chennai

    Adventure sport activity

    Winter season from November to February is the best time to trek near Chennai. The weather then is soothing and pleasant as compared to summer months which are extremely hot and humid. Monsoon season should not be considered for trekking, particularly in the hilly regions.

    Top 12 Places For Trekking Near Chennai

    From mountain peaks, ranges, meadows to waterfalls and forests; trekking near Chennai is immensely fascinating and worth trying. Here are the 12 most popular places for trekking near Chennai. Go and give it a try!

    1. Ubbalamadugu Falls

    Ubbalamadugu Falls a superbly enthralling experience

    Image Source

    Located at the border of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh this is picturesque cascade amid forest and famed as one of the most popular places for trekking near Chennai. This a 10 km stretch trek through dense forests and small streams. The scenic views of the trail have made trekking to Ubbalamadugu Falls a superbly enthralling experience.

    Distance from Chennai: 93 km
    Trekking days:1 day
    Altitude: 100 m
    Difficulty level: Easy

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    2. Gingee Fort

    best place for trekking

    Image Source

    Settled in Villupuram district in Pondicherry Gingee Fort, built by the Chola Dynasty is an astounding place one can choose for trekking near Chennai. These three hills which once can trek to reach this fort are Rajagiri, Krishnagiri, and Chandrayandurg and each of them offers a stunning view of the surrounding. It is always advisable to carry light snacks and drinking water as there is no shop on the way and one must start the trekking activity early in the morning as the fort gate closes every day at 3 pm.

    Distance from Chennai: 156 km
    Trekking days: 4-5 hours
    Altitude: 800 feet
    Difficulty level: Easy to moderate

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    3. Parvathamalai Mountain

    rocky undulating terrain

    Image Source

    Known for its rocky undulating terrain and forest trails; Parvathamalai Mountain is a moderately difficult trek, opted by professional and passionate trekkers. This 3-hour long trek ends at an age-old Shiva Temple and is one of the most popular night trekking places near Chennai. Trekkers even enjoy camping facilities here making the trek worth in every aspect.

    Distance from Chennai: 190 km
    Trekking days: 3 hours
    Altitude: 250 feet
    Difficulty level: Difficult

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    4. Yelagiri

    its serene and surreal beauty

    Image Source

    Yelagiri has gained popularity in recent times owing to its serene and surreal beauty. This offbeat hill station of Tamil Nadu offers breathtaking beauty and peace to every heart and its verdant hills and rolling valleys have become one of the popular trekking spots close to Chennai. Perched at an altitude of 3600 feet, popular zones for trekking in Yelagiri are SwamiMalai Hills and Peerumedu Hills.

    Distance from Chennai: 228 km
    Trekking days: 3 -4 hours
    Altitude: 1700 m
    Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

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    5. Yercaud

    Bear Cave, Lady Seat, and Killiyur Falls

    Image Source

    Shevroy Hill range, Bear Cave, Lady Seat, and Killiyur Falls are the popular place to trek and hike in Yercaud. Surrounded by the opulent Eastern Ghats; Yeracaud is amongst the most scenic options for trekking near Chennai. Not only it offers spellbinding views but trekking through dense forests gives you an adrenaline rush like never before. You can even pitch your tent and enjoy camping there.

    Distance from Chennai: 267 km
    Trekking days:
    Altitude: 1623 m
    Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

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    6. Talakona Waterfalls

    tallest and one of the most gorgeous waterfalls

    Image Source

    Talakona Waterfalls is the tallest and one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh and trekking trail through the dense sandalwood forest is even more riveting and captivating. The trek is moderately difficult and immensely refreshing owing to the spectacular view from the top of the cascade. Plunging from a height of 270 feet, this waterfall is said to be medicinal properties and counted as one of the favourite picnic spots amongst locals and tourists. But what makes it stand out in the list of best trekking places near Chennai is the enthralling rope walk. Perched at a height of 40 feet from the ground; this rope walk passing over canopies and streams needs a lot of courage and enthusiasm and offers unlimited thrill and excitement in return.

    Distance from Chennai: 190 km
    Trekking days: 2-3 hours
    Altitude: 270 feet
    Difficulty level: Moderate

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    7. Kolli Hills

    awesome place for trekking

    Image Source

    Trekking in Kolli Hills will take you to the next level of adventure and thrill as it is one of the most difficult trekking trails. The trek is fascinating and offers idyllic views of the surroundings but considering its daunting terrain, it is recommended that only professional and expert trekkers go for it. Though it is one of the most challenging and exhausting treks near Chennai and takes a couple of days to complete, the jaw-dropping view of Agaya Gangai Waterfalls at the end of the second day is worth everything.

    Distance from Chennai: 359 km
    Trekking days: 2 days
    Altitude: 1400 m
    Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult

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    8. Doddabetta

    beautiful view

    Image Source

    If you are looking for a thrilling and adventure-loaded trekking experience, Dodabetta is your perfect bet. Undoubtedly one of the most popular trekking spots near Chennai is none other than Dodabetta-the highest peak of the Nilgiris and entire south India. It is an easy 10 km stretch trek and highly recommended for novice trekkers. Climb up this gorgeous mountain through Shola forests and misty winding trails and enjoy the stunning views of Mysore Pains, Bandipur Forest, Chamundi Hills and towns of Coimbatore and Ooty. There is an interesting Telescope House right at the top from which people enjoy such panoramic vistas. Though the entire trek is completed within 2 to 3 hours, it is recommended to start the trek early in the morning for photogenic sunrise views and bird watching.

    Distance from Chennai: 565 km
    Trekking days: 2-3 hours.
    Altitude: 2637 m
    Difficulty level: Easy

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    9. Meesapulimala

    trekking place

    Image Source

    Meesapulimala is known for its verdant hills and valleys and breath-taking views. Located near Munnar, this is a favourite trekking option from there. The two-day long trekking via opulent Rhodo Valley and Pandava Caves is supremely exhilarating and the charming views and thrill of camping overnight make Meesapulimala, one of the most sought-after trekking places near Chennai too.

    Distance from Chennai: 573 km
    Trekking days: 2 days
    Altitude: 2637 m
    Difficulty level: Moderate

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    10. Meghamalai Peak

    Meghamalai Peak is also popular for bird watching

    Image Source

    Popular as Pachha Kumachi or Green Peak, this is another popular hotspot for trekking near Chennai, popular among locals and tourists alike. Surrounded by Meghamalai Wildlife Sanctuary and Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary; the trekking trail is quite an enthralling one. Hiking through sprawling tea, coffee and spice plantations makes you tranquilize and spotting wildlife like elephants, sloth bear and leopards during the trek gives a riveting feeling as well. Not only trekking, Meghamalai Peak is also popular for bird watching.

    Distance from Chennai: 600 km
    Trekking days: 1
    Altitude: 1500 m
    Difficulty level: Moderate

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    11. Venkateshwara Hills

    National Highway close to Kothapally village

    Image Source

    Perched within Sri Venkateswara National Park, this is a 48 km long trek and takes about 3 days to complete. The trail starts at Kumaradhara Dam Area and ends at the National Highway close to Kothapally village. The route is captivating, charming and serene and chances of spotting wildlife are also very high.

    Distance from Chennai: 634 km
    Trekking days: 3 days
    Altitude: 853 m
    Difficulty level: Moderate

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    12. Nagalapuram

    waterfall trek

    Image Source

    A mere 2-hour drive from Chennai will take you up to the base of Nagalapuram- a popular and moderately easy waterfall trek. Nestled near Arai Village, this trail through dense forests allows you to spot beautiful flora and fauna and refreshing plunge pools. It is one of the easiest treks near Chennai and can be easily accomplished by first-time trekkers.

    Distance from Chennai: 691 km
    Trekking days: 1 day
    Altitude: 900 m
    Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

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    Trekking near Chennai is fun, thrilling, exciting and seeks a lot of mental strength, stamina, and endurance. With a bounty of scenic landscape and serenity; these trekking trails have a lot to offer to all adventure freaks and nature lovers. If you are planning a trip to South India , find out some time and experience this fascinating adventure.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking Places Near Chennai

    Name some popular hill stations near Chennai?

    Most popular hill stations near Chennai are: 1. Ooty 2. Kodaikanal 3. Munnar 4. Yelagiri 5. Coonoor 6. Kolli Hills 7. Horsley Hills

    Which are the famous forests near Chennai?

    The famous forests near Chennai are: 1. Nanmangalam Reserve Forest 2. Madhumalai 3. Meghamalai 4. Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary 5. Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary 6. Guindy National Park 7. Nagarhole

    What are the popular adventurous things to do in Chennai?

    The popular things to do in Chennai are: 1. Shopping for traditional sarees 2. Enjoy rides at MGM Dizzee World 3. Spend a day at Chowki Dhani, Chennai 4. Enjoy south Indian cuisine

    Which are the famous beach activities in Chennai?

    The famous beach activities in Chennai are swimming, surfing, beach camping, and bonfire, beach volleyball, leisure beach walk and watching the sunrise.

    Which are the popular beaches in Chennai?

    Beach, Elliot’s Beach, Thiruvanmiyur Beach, Covelong and VGP Golden Beach are the popular beaches in Chennai.

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