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Vineet Aggarwal talks about his religious cum historic trip to Vrindavan, Mathura, and Agra that he took with his wife. He elaborates on the fine aesthetic, cultural, and historic experience that the couple got from visiting the three cities. He booked his package from TravelTriangle for INR 9000/- and it included their transport (private cab), hotels, and sightseeing. Let us hear his story.

My wife and I hail from Ahmedabad and had come to Hisar (Haryana) to attend a family function. Being close to Delhi and having a few days to spare, we decided to visit its famous nearby cities, namely: Vrindavan, Mathura, and Agra. The first two were chosen for their religious vibe and the last one was chosen for its historic experience, basically, the Taj Mahal.

Now all that was left were the trip arrangements and we trusted TravelTriangle for it since our last trip with them (honeymoon to Andaman) had gone very smooth and nice.

Road trip to Vrindavan, Mathura, and Agra

So we filled in our details on the TravelTriangle website and true to their service, was contacted by their representatives who took our needs and got us connected to travel agents for customization and competitive quotes.

Soon, we were sorted on our trip arrangements and all we had to do now, was take the trip!

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Day 1: Delhi to Vrindavan: Witnessing the religious charm of Prem Mandir

Beautiful photo of Prem Mandir in Vrindavan

As per schedule, we were picked up by the agent’s driver from the Old Delhi Railway Station (around 2:30 PM) and were transferred to Vrindavan from there. It was a private cab and the journey was smooth and nice. Upon arrival in Vrindavan (around 6 PM), we checked into our Dharamshala cum Hotel, freshened up, and set out to visit the beautiful Prem Mandir.

Lord Krishna idol in Prem Mandir

Since we already knew evening was the ideal time to visit Prem Mandir, we could witness its amazing lighting, magnificent architecture, and positive and serene vibes that the temple held. The various statues and depictions of Lord Krishna in the temple fascinated us and it was a great delight to witness the charm of this temple in the refreshing cool weather of monsoon.

Next was the ISKCON Temple which was again a marvelous experience but not as grand as Prem Mandir. However, just like the Prem Mandir, this temple too had a very positive vibe to it.

Post the temple visit, we had our dinner and then retired for the night.

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Day 2: Visiting Banke Bihari Temple, Dwarkadhish, and Fatehpur Sikri

Vineet and his wife at Fatehpur Sikri

We got ready by 7:30 AM this morning and proceeded for a visit to the extremely sacred Banke Bihari Temple. Post this, we proceeded to Mathura, for a visit to the Sri Krishna Janmaabhoomi Temple and the temples of Dwarkadhish. Visiting these temples was a soothing experience and we really loved the pleasant vibe of the  place. Next was a visit to the Yamuna Ghat which was again good since we could spend some time in the beautiful cloudy weather.

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Beauty of Fatehpur Sikri

Post the temple visit, we left for Agra and on our way stopped at the Fatehpur Sikri fort for sightseeing. This was a great experience and we also took a guide for better understanding of the place. He told us various interesting things about the fort and it was a fascinating enjoyable experience for us.

Vineet in Fatehpur Sikri

We later went back to our cab, reached Agra, checked into our hotel, and called it a day.

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Day 3: The iconic Taj Mahal and the grand Agra Fort

Vineet and his wife at Taj Mahal

We got up early this morning and by 7 we were ready for our visit to the iconic Taj Mahal. Our cab dropped us near Taj Mahal.

Vineets wife at Taj Mahal

We were to walk from there to the monument but wanting to make this experience a memorable one, we took a ghoda gaadi for fun. It was an amazing experience and all our childhood memories were recollected during the ride.

Vineet at Taj Mahal in Agra

Taj Mahal, being one of the 7 wonders, was obviously a grand experience. We did not take a guide over there instead chose a photographer who clicked many amazing photos of ours and also showed and told us about the various places inside the monument. My wife even got a photo clicked at the exact same spot where she had previously been clicked in her childhood. Later, we explored the monument on our own and it was very beautiful and magnificent experience.

Vineet and his wife at the Agra Fort

Next was the Agra Fort and this was again a marvelous experience for us. This fort had many small forts inside it and we quickly did our sightseeing here since we were a little short on time. The fort was beautiful and had some parts from where we could see the Yamuna river and Taj Mahal. It was a delight to see and feel such great architecture.

Post this, we had our lunch, boarded the cab, and then proceeded back to Delhi.

Vineets wife at Agra Fort

The whole trip for my wife and I was a great one since we could visit popular places of North India and also soak in the religious diversity of these places. It was fascinating for us to see different monuments and hear stories behind its architecture and history. Both Vrindavan and Mathura had their own charm on us and we were delighted by the positive, serene, and religious vibes of the temples.

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High Points: Prem Mandir in Vrindavan was a delightful experience and so was the Dwarkadheesh in Mathura.
Fatehpur Sikri, Taj Mahal, and Agra Fort were all grand historic experiences for us.

Tips for Future Travelers: Take a guide when exploring the forts for they give you a detailed account of all the interesting places in the monuments.

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