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People who have a thing for vacationing in winters and would really want to take their love for tour on a high note, Jordan is the most recommended option! Have a sip from your mug of warm coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy your ride in the magnificent places in Jordan or if you love it indoors, then you can enjoy the coziness of your hotel room and take pleasure out of the sizzlers and soups served by the expert chefs. If you have a loud travelling bug within, then you can go a bit off the track and enjoy some of the thrilling and nerve-wrecking activities as well. This is how you can weave memories during winter in Jordan!

Things To Do During Winter In Jordan

We understand that not only fall is beautiful but the winters are fun too! Here, we bring out the best for you in the form of exciting activities and best places to go for, while you are on a trip to Jordan, to help you get free from all the planning stress.

1. Pay a Visit to the Treasury: Al Khazneh

Pay a Visit to the Treasury

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If you have an inner inclination to visit safe, peaceful and dreamland, where you can just relax and have some time of your own thinking and getting some time with your soul and inner peace. If ever you have been feeling to visit and explore the Greek temples, then this could be a great chance for you to explore some of the places in this location, where the temples are similar in a way to the Greek ones! One great thing that you should never miss out watching is the great canyon experience during the dawn and even dusk!

Location: Petra – Wadi Musa, Jordan
Rating: 5 out of 5

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2. Have a Satisfying Lunch Near Dead Sea

Have a Satisfying Lunch Near Dead Sea

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You need to have time and a good planning done beforehand to help you get on this trip’s most exciting experience. This gives you complete relaxation and helps to explore and witness amazing scenic views on your way! Not only this, the place can help you feel being at peace and you even don’t have to think about your lunch and all the hassles of getting out somewhere from the calm and peaceful views! Just be there and the trip organizers will help you relax, have fun along with a great lunch, with vivid tastes.

Location: Petra Night tours
Rating: 4.2 out of 5

3. Get Your Nerves Relaxed with a Spa Tour

Get Your Nerves Relaxed with a Spa Tour

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This is really amazing and brings happiness when you get out on your trip and even start planning and packing for it. Who can ignore the laziness and the stress it brings along with even when you are still on it? We understand this concern of yours and truly believe, you should have an amazing day spent only on self. This day would help you rejuvenate and get ready for the upcoming adventures. This is possible with the deep and nourishing massage which the Spa would provide. You just need to book a place for yourself, well ahead the exact day of visiting and enjoy the various oil and the essentials healing properties.

Location: Amman’s Turkish Bath
Rating: 4.2 out of 5

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4. Jerash Ruins

Jerash Ruins

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If you have had a taste and flair for the historical dynasties, their successions and the reign, you should never miss out on this location. The promising building structure, the history and just everything about this place seems right and can take you on a journey totally able to leave you awestruck! Few of the sites like oval plaza, Hadrian’s arch, hippodrome, large theatre, colonnades & the mesmerizing temples help you feel great and relaxed yet having fun at this place!. There is also a gift shop, right at the entrance of this place, where you can also find the Car parking.

Location: Jerash , Jordan
Rating: 5 out of 5

5. Have a Wonderful Time In Hot Springs: Enjoy Winter in Amman Jordan

Have a Wonderful Time In Hot Springs

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The time of wintry winds, could also get your nerves chilled and then it’s the best time to visit the Hot springs! You can enjoy the normal temperature near the springs and enjoy the best foot massage which warm water helps to get done! This one will get your hearts with, due the amazing service. They will provide you with breakfast, dinner and the amazing time to get relaxed near the spring! What else would you want near the hot spring! To help you come out of the laziness and get you pampered the most, you can also be allotted the drop and pick facility!

Location: Amman spring and nature area, Jordan
Rating: 5 out of 5

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6. Dive and Explore

Dive and Explore

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Your excitement for the water sports, even in the winter can be satisfied at this place. If you have got the thrill, the place has got the solution for you! The water temperature is sometimes moderate due to the hot springs available and sometimes, not at all moderate this fact brings the most exciting touch to the water sports, one gets to experience here! The most famous red sea is the spot, where these activities can be done, that too on the upper tip of the place.

Location: Al Nahda Street | Beach club, Aqaba 77110, Jordan
Rating: 5 out of 5

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7. Get to Know the Nomads of Wadi Rum

Get to Know the Nomads of Wadi Rum

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To get into some unknown place and get mingle within culture at the best possible way, could give you goosebumps. This could possibly due to the amazing and weird cultures that you would be experiencing! The one of its kind of experience you can get doing this activity. All you get to do is to be with the nomadic tribe of Wadi Rum, eat and get mingle with their tradition and culture!You can enjoy small camel rides, trekking and cooking along with the tribe, an exclusive yet a kind of bizarre experience in its own as compared to experiencing the snow in Jordan 2022.

Location: Wadi Rum Village, Wadi Rum 77110, Jordan
Rating: 5 out of 5

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8. Shop Your Heart Out at Souk Jara


Image Source

We don’t believe in whole day and whole trip excursions, with no shopping in list, The best way to do things is by keeping at least a day or two for shopping. We know and truly agree, you cannot return back to your place without getting a token of love and so you need to come to this place! Ranging from exquisite jewelry to different kinds of souvenirs and show pieces, you can get simply everything in this place. You can travel and explore through some of the best designs and materials used to make some of the master pieces.

Location: Rainbow Street, First Circle, Amman, Jordan
Rating: 4 out of 5

9. Nadia Dajani Jewellery

Nadia Dajani Jewellery

Image Source

Jewelry is the best friend of women and could be your first resort to gift your loved ones! This place of Jordan has some exclusive designs and pieces curated with complete care, dedication and love. Such pieces would definitely be best to help you make your loved one’s day! They will feel loved while you will feel immensely satisfied as you go through some of the creation you get to explore in this place. The designs are the art pieces of the skilled Arabic craftsmen, who try brining Arabic designs along with innovative ideas together.

Location: InterContinental Hotel Amman, Amman 11183, Jordan
Rating: 5 out of 5

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10. Al Balad: Shopping Complex in Downtown

Al Balad

Image Source

Throughout the streets you can spot both the locals and foreigners. This would surely make you derive that the sops are not only famous among the locals but also among the tourists who come here to get solutions for their shopping needs. You can find here the traditional as well as the contemporary stores, to satisfy your needs, keeping both sides alive! On your way, various and vivid kinds of restaurants as well hotels can be spotted, which could satiate your hunger, with the traditional spices and the customs used in cooking.

Location: Amman, Jordan
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

11. Trinitae at the Soap House

Trinitae at the Soap House

Image Source

A beautiful spot with some amazing soaps. This place is in a nutshell, quite interesting and can be explored for wide variety of soaps. The shop ranges among, scrubs, soap bars, liquid ones, perforated cubes, various perfumes and the various needs your daily care regime might have! The exotic and the traditional spices, adds up to the skin care routine and can help you get more fairer. The fragrances of the soaps are loved by people from all over the world. This adds to the point that the place should never be missed despite of its hidden location!

Location: Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan
Rating: 5 out of 5

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12. Taj Mall

Taj Mall

Image Source

During the last few days, of your trip, this place should be visited. This place would give you anything and everything you might. Your 2 to 3 hours would be sufficient to explore this one and find all your needs at one single place. Ranging from cosmetic, to food, from clothes to heavy discounted electronic, you might get just everything here and almost anything! The decorative ambience of the place would never make you feel deserted even if alone during the winter season in Jordan

Location: Prince Hashim Bin Al Hussein, Amman 11183, in Jordan
Rating: 4 out of 5

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We truly believe you are going to have a great experience while you spend your winter in Jordan. This list has been curated to simplify you visit to this country and make the most of your vacations during this season. From shopping to sightseeing, your trip to Jordan will be a success for sure.

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