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    Mouthwatering Food

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    Lucknow, a city that boasts a rich history, culture, food, and streets that are famous for its Awadhi and Mughlai cuisine. Mouthwatering Tundey Kebabs, Biryani, irresistible Chicken Masala are something that comes to our mind when we think of Lucknow. The streets of Lucknow are a foodie’s paradise, every 100 meters there is a different stall, a different aroma, and a secret recipe that will blow your mind. People from all over the world travel to Lucknow to taste local delicacies which have been perfected over generations and it has always been a popular choice amongst tourists, especially for its food. From juicy Kebabs to drool-worthy Biryani to creamy Malai Makhan, there are endless options for you to try here. Here’s your guide to some of the best street food in Lucknow to taste the best Nawabi culinary feasts.

    10 Best Street Food in Lucknow

    From Irdis’s Biryani to Rahim’s Kulcha Nihari, our list covers all the best food you can try in the city of Nawabs. Read to know more!

    1. Kebab

    Best street food of Lucknow

    Ruling the streets of Lucknow for ages, kebabs are something, that is very sacred to the city and definitely the best street food in Lucknow. Your trip to this city won’t be complete without trying these lip-smacking kebabs. A crispy outer layer with a soft filling inside, these kebabs are cooked until they are tender enough to dissolve in your mouth. Best complemented with rumaali roti, one can also find veg options for this delicacy. Galouti Kebabs, Tundey Kebabs, and Veg Shami kebab are some of the must-try.

    Best Place to try: Tunday Kababi
    Cost: ₹50 per plate

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    2. Biryani

    Best street food of Lucknow

    For a city that boasts Nawabi culture and cuisine, Biryani is something that cannot be missed here. Another famous dish on our list of the best food in Lucknow is Biryani. Famous for its aroma and flavours, the slow-cooked rice with spices, vegetables, and chunks of meat, will blow your mind as you take the first bite. From mutton to chicken to even veg biryani there are many options for you to try here. Veg Handi Dum biryani, Awadhi Biryani and Mutton Biryani are a must-try.

    Best Place to try: Wahid Biryani, Aminabad, or Idris
    Cost: ₹100-150 per plate

    3. Basket Chaat

    Best street food of Lucknow

    No street food list can be completed without including chaats in it. The spicy, flavourful, and tangy tastes are enough to satiate your taste buds. Another famous food from the streets of Lucknow is Basket Chaat. A crispy potato shelling filled with mashed potatoes, tangy chutney, lots of vegetables, and peas. The best street food in Lucknow, basket chaat is a must-try if you are looking for a filling yet flavourful snack.

    Best Place to try: Royal Cafe or Shukla Chaat House in Hazratganj
    Cost: ₹120 per plate

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    4. Kulcha Nihari

    Best street food of Lucknow

    Definitely a treat for all non-veg lovers, Kulcha Nihari is a famous Mulghai dish from the streets of Lucknow. Nihari is meat served in a thick, flavourful gravy, with Kulcha which is soft bread, unlike the usual Punjabi kulchas. Raheem’s in Akbari Gate in Chowk is the best place to eat in Lucknow, to get the actual taste of this royal dish. This 125-year-old shop opens early in the morning and is always flooded with people till late at night.

    Best Place to try: Rahim’s
    Cost: ₹60 for one plate

    5. Malai Makhan

    Malai Makhan is the Best street food of Lucknow

    Mostly served during the winter season, Malai Makhan is another one of the specialties of Lucknow. Best described as cream butter, this treat is made with unsalted butter which is hung in a bucket overnight and then beaten to get that creamy air-like texture. It is then topped with khoya, which makes it irresistible. Winter in Lucknow is incomplete without Malai Makhan, it is definitely the best food in Lucknow. Outside Gole Darwaza, Chowk, Chappan Bhog and Ram Arsey are some of the best places to try it.

    Best Place to try: Ram Asrey or Chhappan Bhog
    Cost: ₹360/kg

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    6. Chole Bature

    Chole Bature is the Best street food of Lucknow

    When talking about the best street food in Lucknow, we cannot miss Chole Bature. A part of almost all the street foods, we can never get enough of them. Chickpea curry made with extra spices and served with crispy bhature is something that is hard to resist. But there is something special about the Chole Bature in Lucknow, one can easily find them in every bylane of the city with a special taste. The lassi and spiced onions served with it adds to the taste.

    Best Place to try: Sardar Ke Chole Bhature
    Cost: ₹35- 100 per plate

    7. Sheermal

    Sheermal is the Best street food of Lucknow

    Famous for its Mughlai cuisine, Lucknow offers a variety of bread, each one with a slight twist to it. Sheermal is a sweet naan that is kneaded with milk or sheer, this sweet tasting naan is served with spicy curries to balance out and enhance the taste of the dish. These naans are baked in a tandoor and are sprinkled with cardamom or saffron milk, you can also enjoy it by itself or with a cup of tea. If you want to try, Sheermal Chowk is the best place to eat in Lucknow.

    Best Place to try: Chowk
    Cost: ₹10 onwards, depending on the variety of Sheermal

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    8. Kulfi Faluda

    Kulfi Faluda is the Best street food of Lucknow

    Another best street food in Lucknow is Kulfi Faluda, perfect to beat the heat waves of summer. This treat is perfect to satiate your sweet tooth. It is quite famous amongst tourists and the locals and you can easily find it in every corner of the street. Kulfi is made with milk, with added nuts and flavors to it, which is then topped with faluda and other syrups to enhance the taste. Prakash ki Kulfi in Aminabad is the best place to try it.

    Best Place to try: Prakash ki Kulfi
    Cost: ₹120 (half) and ₹60 (full)

    9. Veg Kebab Parantha

    Kebab Parantha Lucknow

    Apart from all the non-vegetarian options, Lucknow has some great options for vegetarians as well and veg Kebab Paratha is one of them. One of the best foods in Lucknow, this dish can be enjoyed for breakfast or even with a cup of tea. Soft rumali roti stuffed with crispy kebabs with enriching flavors is something you will remember for a long time. Veg Kebab Roll and Kebab Paratha plate are 2 variants you can try here.

    Best Place to try: Chappan Bhog or Kapoorthala
    Cost: ₹25 one plate

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    10. Kachori

    Kachori is the Best street food of Lucknow

    An amazing breakfast option and popular street food in Lucknow. Khasta Kachoris are definitely one of the most popular and affordable options on the streets of Lucknow. It is popular as a breakfast option amongst the locals and even tourists. The crispy Kachori served with deep-fried aloo sabzi and white chickpea sabzi is enough to fill your stomach and your heart. Ratti Lal’s in Aminabad is the best place to try these.

    Best Place to try: Rati Lal’s Khasta Kachori
    Cost: ₹14 per piece

    Now that we have given you all the good reasons to visit Lucknow and try some of the most delectable dishes. What are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Lucknow and try some of the best street food in Lucknow and treat your taste buds with a burst of flavours.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Street Food in Lucknow

    What is the famous food of Lucknow?

    Lucknow is full of amazing options when it comes to food. Tundey Kebab, Irdis ki Biryani, Chicken Masala, Malai Makhan, Khasta Kachori are some of the famous food of Lucknow.

    What is the famous street food of Uttar Pradesh?

    Offering a wide variety of street food options to snack on, Lucknow is very famous for its Kebabs, Paya, Sheermal and Biryani.

    Is it safe to visit Lucknow given the covid situation?

    Yes, it is safe to visit Lucknow given that you follow all the guidelines and take necessary precautions wherever required. Make sure to wear masks at all times, maintain social distancing and sanitize your hands regularly to avoid the spread of virus.

    What is the famous sweet of Lucknow?

    Makhan Malai is the speciality of Lucknow, made with foamed malai which is then topped with dry fruits, saffron and sugar.

    What are healthy street food options?

    Dahi Bada, Dhokla, Dosa, Idli, Kebab, corn, sweet potato chaat are some of the healthy street food options.

    What are the famous foods of Gujarat?

    Khaman Dhokla, Thepla, Khakra, Fafda-Jalebi, Khandvi, Gathiya, Surati-Undhiyu are some of the famous foods of Gujarat.

    Which is the food capital of India?

    With endless food options, from street food to fancy restaurants. Delhi is known as the food capital of India.

    Which Indian city has the tastiest street food?

    India is known for its numerous cultures and traditions. And with different cultures comes different food options. Some of the famous places for street foods are Delhi, Amritsar, Kolkata, Lucknow and Indore.

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