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Trekking is more than just travelling. Trekking takes you through life-changing experiences that you haven’t felt before. You not only explore beautiful places but also get closer to them. It is a step closer to exploring the beauty and hidden treasures of nature. Speaking of trekking, there are many famous treks in the world but not all of them are as good as the ones we have listed below. We have brought you the list of the best treks in the world which are left to be explored by you. If you are ready to set sail on a trekking journey then read along.

Top Treks In The World

Trekking is undertaken to explore and enjoy the beauty of a specific place. It is a form of walking that introduces you to new life experiences. Every year, thousands of people go out for trekking. If this is the first time for you, then you can check out some of the best treks in the world for beginners.

The trekking world has a lot of beautiful places to explore. It usually takes 4 to 5 days to complete a trekking journey. However, that is entirely based on the place you are starting your trek from.

1. Tour Du Mont Blanc

Witness the Beauty of Nature

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When talking of the best treks in the world, we simply cannot forget to mention Tour Du Mont Blanc. It is one of the most popular and longest walks in Europe. Taking this trek route means you will get a chance to pass through three of the most beautiful countries in Europe including France, Italy, and Switzerland.

On your way, you will witness the beauty of nature at its best. From distinctive mountains to beautiful valleys, you will get to see some of the beautiful sites in Europe. You will also get a chance to gape at Europe’s impressive glaciers. The trail covers 170 km of total distance with 10 km of ascent/descent. Going on this trek could be the best experience of your life. If you are interested in this trekking trail then you need to take a long holiday.

Location: Europe – France, Italy, Switzerland
Duration: 7 to 11 days

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2. The Kesugi Ridge Trail

Beautiful Trail

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Another spectacular trekking trail would be the Kesugi Ridge Trail. Passing through the Alaskan wilderness, this is one of the best trails for you to witness the tallest mountain, Denali. In the entire American content, this is the second tallest mountain to explore. The mountain is 6.190 meters high and is said to be the world’s third peak.

On your way, you will pass through the taiga forests and across the gigantic tundra region. The stunning views of the mountains as the backdrop are not something to miss. You will come across some of the impressive glaciers as well. The length of the trail will vary depending on the route you choose. If you like to get lost in the beauty of Alaskan mountains then this is for you.

Location: Alaska, USA
Duration: 3 to 4 days

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3. Torres Del Paine Circuit

Stunning Views of the Mountains

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Patagonia is known to have the best trekking areas in the world. This beautiful region is shared by Chile and Argentina. You can explore the most stunning natural scenes in this area. Amongst all, Chile’s Torres del Paine is the best one.

Torres del Paine is located in the mountain range of Cordillera Paine, which is 8,200 feet above sea level. The beauty of the place lies in the powerful rivers, mesmerizing glaciers, turquoise lakes, and beautiful valleys. You can opt for a day trip to the area. The best route is the W route which is a five days long trek.

Location: Patagonia, Chile
Duration: 5 to 9 days

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4. The Santa Cruz Trek

Trek With Beautiful Views

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We have all heard about this famous trek. For anyone who is looking for an adventurous trekking experience can consider going for the Santa Cruz Trek. You should choose this trek only when you are ready to test your limits. This trekking trail is said to be the most popular in Peru due to its beautiful views.

This high altitude trek amidst the mountains is nothing less than a lifetime experience. Here, you will find the tallest peaks in the country, however, the terrain is not challenging. The view of the snow-covered mountains like Huascarian which is the highest mountain range in Peru is worth every effort. If that was not enough, the area also boasts of dramatic valleys, turquoise lakes and the best panoramic views in the world. Make sure that you include this trail on your list as it is one of the best treks in the world.

Location: Peru
Duration: 3 to 4 days

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5. La Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City Trek)

Ancient Hand-Carved Stone

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This trekking route is as interesting as its name. It is an archaeological site that is covered with the ruins of the Sierra Nevada, the ancient city in Colombia. The city is believed to have been founded 650 years ago even before Machu Picchu.

The extraordinary trekking features of the place make it an absolute favourite of the trekkers. While trekking in this area, you can explore the ancient hand-carved stone plazas and terraces. The place has a rich history to unfold and you can do so on your trekking trip. It is believed that around 2000 to 8000 people lived in the place. But now the city is left in ruins, surrounded by a dense forest and covered by plants and moss.

While entering the lost city, you will come across engraved stones, sacrificial sites, waterfalls, mountains, tiles roads, and rustic pools. All of these were once a part of the lost city. The trekking trail is about 50 km long but filled with adventure.

Location: Columbia
Duration: 3 to 4 days

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6. The Machame Route

Route with Scenic Beauty

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We have all heard about Mount Kilimanjaro but only a few of us know about the Machame trekking route. If you are a trekking enthusiast then it’s a must-visit place for you.

Mount Kilimanjaro, as you already know, is the tallest mountain peak in Africa. It is a dormant volcano that rises to 4900 meters above sea level. The unique thing about Kilimanjaro is that it’s not a part of any mountain range. It alone dominates the area around it. You will find many routes leading to the summit of the mountain but the Machame route is the most preferred one. That’s because it is filled with scenic beauty. The route is a steep one and therefore, it is also called the whiskey route.

This is a tough trail to travel which makes it the best trekking trail for adventure lovers. If you have trekking experience and love high altitude places then you should opt for the Machame route. Your trekking starts from the dense forest area after which you pass through the surrounding savannah area and stunning ice fields before reaching your destination. Standing tall at the summit of the mountain is probably an experience you will never forget.

Location: Tanzania
Duration: 6 to 7 days

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7. The Annapurna Circuit Trek

Highest Mountains

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Counted among the most popular treks in the world, the trekking trail surrounds the Annapurna Massif that is 5,416 meters high. This is one of the highest peaks in the world. The feeling of being surrounded by the highest mountain ranges is unbeatable which is why it is so popular among the trekkers.

You start trekking from the forest area, pass through the subtropical forests, pine forests and then reach the terraced rice fields. On your trail, you will get the chance to explore many waterfalls, mountain villages, cliffs, and narrow canyons. This is probably one of the longest trekking routes as it takes about 15 to 20 days to be completed. But this is going to give you a life-changing experience for sure.

Location: Nepal
Duration: 15 to 20 days

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8. The Great Ocean Walk

Picturesque Site

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If you want to go for coastal trekking then the Great Ocean Walk in Australia could be the best choice for you. The trail stretches up to 100 km and passes through eucalyptus and gum forests, green pastures, dunes, rocky beaches, and cliffs. You will also cross through an area filled with fossils that are millions of years old.

You will also get to see a great variety of wildlife. Apart from all the picturesque sites, shipwrecks are the main highlights of the place. With all these things to explore and discover, this is surely going to be a memorable trip for you.

Location: Victoria, Australia
Duration: 6 to 8 days

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9. The Milford Track

Beautiful Valleys

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The Milford Track is one of the most popular trekking routes in the lap of New Zealand. The trekking route passes through the National Park featuring stunning hanging streams and valleys. If you are a nature lover, you are surely going to love it as it takes place in the natural setting.

From mountain to forests, you will come across everything beautiful on your path. There is no doubt that this is one of the best treks in the world.

Location: The South Island, New Zealand
Duration: 5 Days

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10. Everest Base Camp Trek

Ideal Place for Trekking

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This is the ideal place for trekking and is extremely popular among trekkers. You start from the rural town of Lukla and pass through many of the beautiful villages on your way. The Everest Base Camp trek is both mentally and visually pleasing. On your way, you will pass through six of the tallest peaks in the world. Well, this is what makes your trekking journey all the more beautiful.

Location: Nepal
Duration: 12 to 14 days

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Tips For Trekking

Here are a few tips you need to follow when going for trekking:

  • You should wear comfortable clothes for your trekking journey. This will help you move faster.
  • You should carry all trekking essentials in your bag. This includes food, map, compass, torchlight, tent, etc.
  • Make sure that your bag doesn’t get too heavy. If it does then you will get tired soon and thus, you won’t be able to walk.
  • You should carry a bag that is durable and can be carried on your back. It is very important to keep your hands free while walking.
  • You should not go out for trekking in bad weather. This can prove to be dangerous for you in many ways.

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So, this is the complete list of the most beautiful and the best treks in the world. Trekking is an experience that can give you a new perspective on life. People who go out for trekking are closer to nature than those who don’t. If you wish to experience something out of the world then pack your bags and set out on your trekking journey. To plan a hassle-free trip with TravelTriangle.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Treks In The World

Which is the most difficult trek in the world?

The most difficult trek in the world would be Everest Base Camp and the Himalayas. These are other places too that are quite difficult, especially for beginners.

Can you trek in January?

You can go for trekking at any time of the year. However, it mainly depends on where you are going and what’s the climate conditions there.

Is Kilimanjaro difficult than Everest base camp?

The overall summit success rate on Kilimanjaro is only 40% while it is 90% for the Everest base camp. This should answer your question very well.

Can you hike wearing jeans?

Jeans are fine as long as they are comfortable. If you are going for a longer trek then you are advised to wear something more comfortable.

Is it safe to go for trekking in winter?

No matter where you go, winters are always considered to be dangerous for trekking. But some people still choose to show their bravery.

What are the best pants for trekking?

Since you have to wear something comfortable, you should stick to wearing tights. It’s a better option than jeans any day.

What should I carry on my trek?

Some of the important things to carry is canned food, torchlight, first aid, compass, maps and other things that you feel are needed.

What shoes to wear for trekking?

The best pair of shoes would be trekking boots. They are specially meant for this purpose.

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